Another FBI Investigation into Child Protective Services child trafficking.2013 AMERICA WAKE UP

04 Mar

Scheduled Protest for CPS and their cohorts.

We are still scheduled to have the largest protest Riverside County has ever seen at the 3 locations pointed out South West Court house, Moreno Valley CPS on Cottonwood and Kid Street CPS Riverside off of Tyler so keep the emails coming in so far we have had close to nine hundred responses and are working on a mas mailer for reminders the still tentative in 3rd week we are still looking for volunteers to help make signs, THIS IS TRULY FOR THE CHILDREN SO PLEASE DO THIS?

Feature Story for

This child trafficking is still going on right now  March 2013 and I have verified this through families having their children kidnapped by the county and pushed by this court, in case after case coming out of South West Courthouse, Riverside County I am finding horror stories of parents losing their children and never allowed to present any evidence, so only the side of CPS is allowed on record and family is said to be bias while CPS testimony is all fraud and in a real court would be easily beaten if real evidence was shown not hearsay.

Thus C.P.S victimizes those families that have no means available, to properly investigate C.P.S corrupt activities directed at their family. Since Federal and state matching funds generate the budget for C.P.S, the single means utilized to elevate the budget is to increase foster care and adoption caseloads. Bonus incentives for adoptions are currently $8,000 per child. $4,000 is given to the foster parents and another $4,000 is placed in a general fund, to reward workers for completing their job duties. Workers in this county, state that they do not personally financially benefit from this fund. Thus it leads us to believe, that other neighboring agencies are benefiting form this fund, in return for deceptive practices that support C.P.S decisions.

BABY TRAFFICKING False Allegations of drug abuse have been logged against mothers and their newborn infants as a means to place these infants into protective custody. The hospital staff has allowed C.P.S to remove infants (a hospital violation) prior to verification of blood and urine drug screen tests. C.P.S is mandated to secure verification of drug allegations via blood and urine results, prior to removing the newborn infant from the hospital. All cases known to us resulted negative for the mother and the newborn, but these infants were never returned, and were adopted outside of kinship. In the past year, the FBI has arrested and imprisoned C.P.S workers who were actively involved in baby trafficking for profit. These C.P.S workers knowingly abducted infants from the hospital where they in turn networked them into legal adoption agencies.

Augustus Fennerty, FBI director for Crimes against Children (Washington D.C) can verify this information. (202) 324-3000 CHILD SEX TRADE INDUSTRY Southern California FBI District has videotape recorded CPS workers placing foster care children onto planes via LAX, destination Europe for child sex trade industry. This can be verified through Ted Gunderson, (retired) FBI Director Southern California (310) 477-6565. SEXUAL VICTIMIZATION IN FOSTER CARE For the families in relation to our group in San BernardinoCounty, it has come to our attention while comparing similarities, that approximately half the children in foster care have been molested. These children were not sexually abused by their parents, but by the foster fathers or others in the foster home. It was also noted that these foster homes are still operating in the same capacity prior to complaints, without any investigation into these allegations. C.P.S officials were made aware of these accusations by the children, but failed to follow through with a criminal investigation. In conclusion, Child Protective Service is nothing more than an “oasis’’ for child molesters, to make a profit, while at the same time committing a crime, only to be protected by a malignant system that delivers a never ending supply of victims .

SYSTEMATIC FRAUDULENT MANEUVERS UTILIZED TO ENHANCE C.P.S BUDGET C.P.S manufactures multiple nonexistent /fictitious abuse case scenarios to offset true statistical abuse case information. C.P.S concurrently processes these children from foster care to adoption, in order to obtain perverse monetary incentives in the form of bonuses. C.P.S provides a market to neighboring agencies and the courts ( commissioners, psychologists, monitors, court mandated behavioral class instructors, court appointed legal counsel), in order for them to financially benefit from the foster care/adoption system. C.P.S victimizes innocent impoverished families, draws them into a corrupt system to utilize their children as pawns for commerce.

MALICIOUS OPERATIVE TECHNIQUES C.P.S is utilized by family court officials, as an adverse tool to extricate children from one parent to the other, with reference to “parent alienation syndromeâ€. Where, in truth, caseworkers are never allowed to testify in family court under the cloak of C.P.S authority, due to possible misuse or conflict of interest related to the right to privacy laws. C.P.S utilizes coercive measures to persuade parents to submit to statements of prior alleged abuse, when these actions were nonexistent. In other words, forcing desperate parents to “plea bargain†to a C.P.S fabricated crime, for the return of their children from foster care. C.P.S fabricates portions of investigations, where such duties have never been physically performed, to purposely mislead or direct a case. C.P.S knowingly abandons children into foster care, conscious of the fact that some foster care parents and or individuals in the home physically and sexually abuse the children in their protective custody. C.P.S intentionally fails to prosecute parents accused of child abuse, since in the majority of cases, no initial crime has been committed. C.P.S represents themselves in positive personas, by omitting, altering, and falsifying documents, so as to mislead the public and or government of their true actions as listed above. Thereby publicly grandstanding, displaying an inaccurate social martyrdom for the well being of children. C.P.S ignores crimes committed in foster care, such as the atrocious acts of unexplained deaths. C.P.S fails to question these individuals for their abusive conduct, whereby, if itwere not a foster care parent, these individuals would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

SHOULD CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE BE RESTRUCTURED? The police should determine if a child has a true need for protection from his parents, since child abuse is a criminal offence. Thus, C.P.S should be incorporated with Crimes against Children Units that are currently located within police, sheriffs and FBI agencies. The merging of the two would reduce the amount of false allegations reported, since complaints made to a police unit is a criminal offence. Also, the police have the training and resources needed to conduct a thorough investigation. This allows them to determine that if a crime has been committed that warrants the need for foster care. A parent/guardian under the suspicion of the crime “Child Abuse†would meet the criteria for removal. This would activate the foster care system. Only then would the foster care system be utilized as a response to a possible or suspected crime. Thus in turn, this would eliminate the unnecessary utilization of the foster care system that has been grossly misused in the past. Unwarranted victimization of children and their families would be greatly reduced and soaring costs would be contained. This would minimize the number of future cases that fall through the cracks and get lost in the system.

WHAT ROLE SHOULD THE SOCIAL WORKERS PLAY IN THE NEW CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE? All caseworkers must have a bachelor’s degree in social work from an accredited college. All states must create bachelor level licensing for social workers. All workers must have a current license to work within any state or county in the United States with reciprocity. All social workers must have a preceptor for at least three months prior to individual casework. WHO SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF THE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE TEAM WITHIN THE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN UNITS? Other members from various agencies should be inclusive to this unit, since they bring their specific expertise to complete a proper investigation. It is our opinion that the following individuals who should comprise this team are as stated: Registered Nurse, School Principal, Detective, and Social Worker.

SHOULD AN OUTSIDE AGENCY SYSTEMATICALLY REVIEW THE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE TEAM’S PERFORMANCE? All agencies must have an outside quality control board that monitors case investigations on a random basis and when requested by the public. This Board must include members similar to the Child Protective Service team, with the addition of an individual from the public. No member may be employed more than three years, to maintain the integrity of the boards’ unbiased decisions. SHOULD WE MAINTAIN A CHILD ABUSE INDEX LIST? The child abuse index list shall be maintained only when an individual has been prosecuted and convicted by a court of law for a crime against a child. Today’s said list shall be destroyed, so as to prevent harm to those currently listed who have been accused of a crime against a child, but that have never been prosecuted or convicted. And, children should never be placed on any list that would categorize them in an adverse manner, such as this. SHOULD THERE BE NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS RELATED TO FOSTER CARE? There should be a limited number of children allowed to be placed in any single home under foster care, including adoption. No single family shall be allowed to adopt or provide foster care to more than two children at any time. The only exception shall be when siblings number more than two and are placed in the same single dwelling. This will eliminate the financial incentive for monetary gain related to housing foster children and adoptions.
——————————————————————————– Redlands, California 92373 Yucaipa, California 92399 July 12, 2004 U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515-0542 To our Honorable U.S. House of Representatives, It is unfortunate that Child Protective Service officials have mislead the government into believing, that increased funding is necessary to solve the multitude of problems that encompass C.P.S. This agency is utilizing the funding issue as the scapegoat for their problems, when in actuality the workers themselves, the lack of their personal accountability, are the source of the problem. Further funding will not solve C.P.S’S current crisis, only the restructuring of this agency will provide a solution. Sincerely, Cynthia Huckelberry Sushanna Khamis


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25 responses to “Another FBI Investigation into Child Protective Services child trafficking.2013 AMERICA WAKE UP

  1. Holly Marlene

    March 11, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Can u please give me the number to call My 5,4 AND 2 YR OLD children were removed split apart one in IL 1 In florida and my daughter is here i believe she’s a target…….


    • donnellyjustice

      March 13, 2013 at 2:29 pm

      what state, city are you in?


    • donnellyjustice

      March 14, 2013 at 12:43 am

      Call any time during the evenings, We have so much information that can be put to good use. I am always willing to help a parent and child stay together.


      • tracy nadermohammadi

        December 28, 2014 at 10:46 am

        i need help texas my grandson has rickets and metabolic bone disease and the da cps and casa are all together i even hired a lawyer and he was so gun hoe on get this cleared till i gave him every cent we had and now he says they going to get 10 years probation i have 2 doctor summaries stating this isnt abuse and is medical and one email from another doctor all that are specialist in this ,, plus the accusing doctor says abuse but the baby blood work all flagged athe doctor prescribed meds to a 3 month old baby.. but says nothing medical wrong.. what doctor gives meds to a 3 month old baby we have all medical records and the summaries and the da want to hang these poor family please help me find someone to go to for court is in jan ..


  2. Jacqueline borrayo

    March 11, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    My kids tooken from me and when i was so close to getting them back they took them back. I need help i feel like they are i know they are wrong. Help me


    • Richard Fernow Sr.

      March 20, 2013 at 8:31 pm

      Jacqueline I pray that donnellyjustice and as many people as it takes will help you and that they will make sure it never happens again, trust in the LORD’, if God is on your side who can be against you! May God bless you and lift you up out of despair and renew you with a steadfast spirit,and swiftly reunite you with your children by His generous Spirit and His amazing grace and Lovingkindness in Jesus’ name Amen!


  3. Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria

    September 23, 2013 at 9:48 am

    I’m from Seattle, Washington Their is a F. B. I. OFFICE in DOWNTOWN Seattle. I have FOUND lots of my LAWYER FILE. I have been going through IT and found a lot of FILES staff that! i like to take to DOWNTOWN Seatle FBI Office. My last LAWYER he is a SUPER LAWYER from DOWNTOWN Seattle that handled my family case and the WRONG FULL DEATH of my 7 years old son name: DANIEL AYSON VILORIA after SCHOOL KIDNAPPING during SCHOOL hour AT Snohomish County Mukilteo Washington SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER 6:,. for the 1st and 2nd time,,, of the DISAPPEARANCE of my 4 children. My super LAWYER ( LIED) to me. He TOLD me that! He could NOT find anything to USED to FiLE for any type of DAMAGES. And DROPPED the CASE. I called 1 of the DETECTIVE that is handling the FATAL ACCIDENT of my 2 younger son, The DETECTIVE give me a 1 800 number to call,,, and i called that number,, It’s a OFFICE OF THE WASHINGTON STATE TORT CLAIM. I gave to DIANA TIMMONS all imformation about me,, DIANA TIMMONS told me that! their is ACTIVE CASE against the WASHINGTON STATE for DAMAGES. My former SUPER LAWYER is CLAIMING for TEN MILLION dollars for DAMAEGES AGAINS THE WASHINGTON STATE, in my BEHALF. I fought that! my SUPER LAWYER told me that! HE CAN NOT FIND anything to FILE for DAMAGES against the WASHINGTON STATE. I DO HAVE a COPY of this FILE. IT’S GIVEN to me by the WASHINGTON STATE TORT CLAIM. They told me to call my SUPER LAWYER,, BUT! HE DOES NOT LIKE to TALK to me. I HAVE MORE TO tell, etc……. By: FLORDELIZA ARROJO AYSON VILORIA / RESPECTFULLY and PEACEFULLY ours VICTIM, AMEN…. 09 / 23rd, 2013. I NEVER FUND nor SEEN the TEN MILLION dollars.


  4. Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria

    September 23, 2013 at 10:14 am

    YES! WE DO NEED TO HELP EACH other…. Somebody have to STOP this CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES from GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. SAFETY is my DUTY to HELP STOP this CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, my 4 children are KIDNAPPED and they were TRYING to SELL my 4 children for ADAPTION for the amount of $25,000.00 dollars each. THEY MADE A FALSE ACCUSATION AGAINST ME. The father of my 4 children is NOT SO POUSE TO HAVE ANY CONTACT or ANY AUTHORITY to have my 4 children. I FOUND my 2 younger son on the 12:00 CLOCK NEWS my 7 years old son is name DANIEL AYSON VILORIA pronounce DEAD On MARCH 30th, 2004. My 4 children are KIDNAPPED on FEBRUARY 11th, 2004. My 14 years old son name: EMILIO KIOKI AYSON VILORIA 111rd was in the FATAL ACCIDENT with his 7 years old brother too. He was TAKEN to BREMERTON WASHINGTON EMERGENCY HOSPITAL on MARCH 30th, 2004. On MARCH 31st, 2004 my 14 years old son Disappeared at the BREMERTON WASHINGTON EMERGENCY HOSPITAL. My other 2 older daughter,,, found me at the EVERGREEN WASHELLIE CEMETERY FUNERAL HOME in APRIL 2004. This is how we FOUND each other. At the FUNERAL HOME. My 2 older daughter also SAW the DEATH of their 7 years old younger brother on the NEWS. After we found each other,,, the DSHS told us that IF we TRY to CONTINUE seeing each other,,, THAT they will SEND their UNIFORM OFFICERS to come and ARRESTED all of US and THROW all of US TO JAIL house. DSHS employees! CONTINUING to destroying me. THEY TOLD ME that! I’M THE MAIN PROBLEM in their DSHS DEPARTMENT. I WAS JUST AN INNOCENT mother that! is TRYING to get my ACCOUNTING DEGREE,,, WQHEN THEY KIDNAPPED my 4 CHILDREN during the SCHOOL HOURS inside the SCHOOL CLASS ROOM at the SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY on FEBRUARY 11th, 2004. By: FLORDELIZA ARROJO AYSON VILORIA : SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2013 GOD BLESSED TO ALL VICTIM,,, LIKE ME, RESPECTFULLY and PEACEFULLY OURS, AMEN….

    I like to HELP!…AMEN…


  5. waltinseattle

    February 7, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    i was a court representative for children (Part of the CASA org.) in Wa State. i sat before the bench betwen parental lawyers and the prosecutors representing cps. i also questioned the witnesses, like those other 2 legal teams setting. this is how it happens in this state. there is a law that says evidence must prove parental unfitness, and one that maintaining family is the prime directive. before court, i performed my own investigation, wrote a report and filled it to the court. i had no prior legal xperience, nor investigative background. in king county, however, they use lawyers instead of regular citizen volunteers, but the procedure and laws are statewide. no one has children kidnapped without a lot happening beforehand. whether parents are functionsl enough to be cognizant after the fact is not to be accepted nor dismissed without direct knowledge of All parties involved. it is impossible for me not to have a bias however. the bias is to dismiss the extraordinary claims in these two postings from wa. becsuse they set so far outside the way our court proceeds. it takes months to years to go through the process. as for the main story here, i cant even figure what state, so its no point to speculate if the casa safeguards are part of the system where the story unfolded.

    on the other side, i have friends and i have talked to a lawyer who left the state fearing for himself and family. so i hav heard the horror stories! i have heard what they try and dometimes do get away with. but in sll cases they did it in open court, not in th dark. lie, threaten? yes and yes. sneak by without ctossing t and dotting i ? no.


  6. waltinseattle

    February 7, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    as i just spent 15 minutes writing…i was a court advocate in Wa state. those two commentor stories dont fit our legal proceedures. cases take months to years, 3 parties set before the court, parrents lawyer, state and childrens advocates. no competent parent can be unaware this happening!

    does cps lie and threathen? yes and yes. but they operate in open court , dotting i and crossing t.

    ive friends and conversed with a lawyer who fled with family in fear. but i have never heard of surorise child theft, only fully backed proceedurally correct , all “by the book.”


  7. Michael Bowen Roberts

    February 9, 2014 at 1:55 am

    I in the past three weeks observed some children out of Alabama System, but in the wake of this off the record comments were the homes were they reside the DHR here allowed the 17 yearold to have consensual sex with the girls because they were minors and that’s justb the tip of the iceberg here unqualified parents fostering , disqualifications intentionally over look , long term mind altering of children to their families, children taken illegally the segregated and alienated, family fostering and trafficking children with government support


  8. eduardo

    March 17, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    after my son who will be 12 in may 2014 was assaulted and beaten with fractures to his back by mom lisa silva martinez and manuel bravo martinez of san bernardino ,colton in california in the date november 24th 2012 This all ocurred due to a tort by a san bernardino court judge who ordered the biological father to complete a 730 evaluation who involved the father ,darrin ,lisa and manuel and also the father to pay the entire cost even if father was the primary caregiver and lisa had abondened darrin since june 2009 ,mom wanted darrin custody to stop child support payment.even though cps has stuck there noses wer not needed the information i have read on this site is real and true .the evaluation ordered was completed before the time asked a positive result for the father lisa was founded with mental issues and manuel as well.Ever since i have been fighting to get darrin back home cps has terminated my services for the reason of not acquiring a signature now im resolvingthis matter atthe sanbernardino superior court i have a hearing on april 24th 2014 2nd floorat 8am a new judge theactual judge that made this tort tara reily i take it wants me as far as possible


  9. christiana

    June 14, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    I only read part of the article and everything, it very close to what im dealing with now. Im in north everett


    • latonya Bradley

      July 11, 2014 at 11:02 pm

      Ha my name is Latonya M Bradley’s and Dc Child and Family and Dc Superior Court ,kidnapped my kids ages at time ,2weeks,2and 6years at the time ,they falsified evidence and hide evidence to make me look like i neglected my kids ,then they frauded a mental diagnoses ,and took away all my rights ,no visits ,no phone calls ,it has been for years ,no evidence ,still no kidz ,I started getting threats when I called the cops on the court and child and family service ,All a sudden they did a adoption ,terminated my rights ,close the case ,then people started threatening saying they going kill my kids the Court for calling the cops saying the cops hostage ,and that they do what they want in the court.


  10. Dan Jones

    July 13, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    My son found me back in April. He is the oldest of four. (boy girl girl boy, that order.) I met my #1 daughter a few weeks ago, she is 21. I am an over the road truck driver, and my house is being renovated, so, nowhere to go. I saw the kind of abuse she is still going through from her foster parents trying to control her life, so I offered for her to ride along. After about two weeks, she started to feel “safe”, being away from them, and began to tell of the abuse she and some of what her sister went through. Immediately upon being placed in the home, she was unwanted, and her sister was glorified. She was made to sleep in the basement of the home, so I gather its finished. The couple have a thirtysomething Down’s syndrome son. This thing started molesting her, and it went on for some time. She took the abuse to keep the thing away from her younger sister. She was dosed with drugs, and became “unmanageable”, and so was removed to other facilities around the state. I just found out that the younger daughter was also molested by the same individual, multiple times as well. This daughter has not met me face to face. What is interesting, is that she wants to remain with the foster parents. This led to questions, and some answers as well. They told my oldest son, who is 28, thst I was molesting a stepdaughter that is older than him, both of my girls, and my youngest son. He knows full well this is not true, for several reasons. The first was that out of school, he was with them at all times. The other reason is even more telling. I was working two jobs as I always did when this was alleged to happen. The first job was 70 hrs a week, and another contract job that took another 25 per week. Not to mention the car repairs I did in the off hours to help make ends meet. And one year, I went to college, taking six classes for one semester.
    In addition, there was never anything like this said in the courtroom. I had a “Court Appointed” attorney, which was getting paid by the state. He was definitely not on my side. I never spent any time in prison, no fancy bracelets on my person, and I’m not on any lists. Apparently it must have been some trick to get out of that alive, from my point of view.
    So apparently, they are feeding some yarn that is more than believable to my second daughter to make her feel that way.
    As far as my youngest son is concerned, I still have no idea about his disposition.
    I’d sure like to have some enlightenment on this, I’ve never even dreamed it could have gotten this bad. I’ve since cut off avenues of communication because they have all been filled with so much hate for each other, I can’t take the emotional toll. I haven’t seen them in 17 years, and I’m not sure I can take much more of this. I wish they had never found me, honestly.


    • sdj4djustice

      July 15, 2014 at 2:59 pm

      Wow, you really wish that? So I take it you didn’t miss them much then? I don’t care what I end up learning about my son’s life without me, I can’t wait until he can Google his name and find out what CPS and their court cohorts and his adoptive parents have been doing: keeping him from seeing his family despite my efforts to get through to them. I look forward to the day that my son will be back in my life. I do understand though, you must feel life was easier not knowing.


      • Dan Jones

        August 21, 2014 at 6:51 am

        I recently found out that there were several hearings over the last 17 years concerning my daughters disposition. I was to be notified if any changes were to be made regarding their whereabouts. I never recieved a single notification. Interestingly, My ex-wife had come to my work several times over those years, and said nothing. My suspicion is that she was acting as a mole to see to it that I was totally in the dark as to the antics of DCFS. I had a court appointed attorney at the time, so why did not he make an effort to contact me during these times? I’ll bet even money that if they said I had owed some sort of monetary stipend, they would have found me as fast as lightning.


  11. Donald Saffer

    July 27, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    ,DC Superior Court judge Noel TJohnson frabricated evidence to take Take Latonya Bradley kids to rob the government with his cousin and brother of 1,000000 dollar’s ,they framed her with neglect and mentally ill ness ,and mom found it suspicious that the judge wanted her to go with his good friend Micheal Gillard anf Susanna Thruet,both doctors only examines youths not 37year olds ,all other diagnoses from Dc Superior Court urgent mental health care center said mom had no psychotic condition ,The other three no psychotic condition ,but Ms Thruet and Mr Gillard who is with the Youth Forensics ,said mom has mood disorder ,mom got another exam that 4who said she has no psychotic condition ,they had mom kids for 4years now adopted no abuse not medical evidence of neglect ever found ,she kept somehow getting the lawyers to help them out later to find that they were in on it together ,now they greed over the foster and adoption payments they dont want to give kids back,even harming them now ,1,000,000 is enough that lady want her kids.


  12. Latonya Bradley

    September 11, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    DC Superior Court Judges Noel T Johnson,Nooter and Mary Grace Rook ,with dc child and Family services ,still refuse to give me my kids but ,they even sent frabicated evidence ,and they hide evidence and sent evidence to Dc Court of Appeals from another case switched the name and kids names to get the Appeals to side with them so they can continue to get adoptive payments ,to keep judge Johnson child trafficking building running .Its made to look like a daycare.


  13. jenette fairchild

    October 3, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Warsaw Indiana cps is a joke. I filed 2 tort claims against 2 corrupt police officers had charges trumped up on me.
    My house was searched by 12 county officers looking for business records that they were told our attorney had, after searching 2 hours and completly ransacked our house they left laughing. They didn’t even have a warrent. When my husband got home he was ticked. Called the police wanting a copy of the warrent they didn’t have it. Two days later they got a judge to sign one. It was dated 2 days late? Cps has illegally entered my house and taken all my grandchildren. One granddaughter who was molested by her other grandmother or her dog molesting son were not sure which was found abandoned in a NYC crack house. Warsaw cps said this is fine.WHAT? Kosciusko county has a vandata against me and my grandchildren are the ones paying for the retaliation. Cps has only lied and made up things and continue to purge themselves in court. Elise mandaville has told 3 lies to judge huffer and my daughters court appointed attorney seems to be working for these crooks. My grandchildren were in a very stable and safe enviroment until cps fraudulantly removed them and placed them in danger. Our concerns go unchecked no follow up only cover up. My other daughter and her husband left Indiana when cps started harassing them only to have Warsaw contact Michigan cps and they harassed them one time and found Warsaw I’m sure there would have been trumped up malicious false aqusations to continue to harass my family


  14. Steve Isham

    December 15, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    The FBI knows and turns away! I spent seven hours with the bastards that are the Phoenix FBI. They even admitted they knew the two little girls I was telling them about were being sexually, emotionally and physically abused! I gave them evidence that proved it, but they said it is not a federal crime. It is a local legal issue. How the hell does a man sit there and tell me that it is a local issue and he is not going to do anything about a child being abused. The FBI is as crooked as the sick people abusing these children.


    • sdj4djustice

      December 18, 2014 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Steve, We called the Phoenix FBI too!!! No, they do not do ANYTHING. They are responsible for investigating corrupt government but when it comes to CPS, they act like CPS is always right or something. I have no idea why especially after Ted Gunnerson’s Report. We too contacted local authorities and they do nothing either even though they KNOW CPS is not always right and that children are being physically and sexually abused in foster care or with the parents who lost custody in Family Court due to molestation. CPS will often take children away from non-offending parents and put them with the abusers even though they twist that around and say that they are removing from the offending parent and placing them with the non-offending parent. Sick world we live in isn’t it? Thank you for visiting our site and leaving your comment.



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