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I have no illusions that CPS will just give up committing crimes against children, but this tells the court that you are not an idiot and you know perfectly well what CPS and the JV court Judges are doing.  They are guilty of the most OUTRAGEOUS crimes harming children.

Be on your game and have a number of relatives/witnesses with you when you appear in JV court. Make sure that the Court is aware that they are there to testify for the child’s best interests. That is their golden word.  Below is evidence and investigation reports which any reasonable person would find overwhelming yet do not expect this court to be reasonable. Be at your best, be firm, do not be pushed around, know your rights, and most of all, know that your attorney is not looking out for you. If you live in California, find our link to the Dependency Quick Guide, this will tell you what your attorney is supposed to do. If you can not it, email me and I will send you a direct link. In Court, be intelligent,  be respectful to the Judge, listen carefully and object to anything said on record that is not correct no matter how little or insignificant. The county’s attorney will be vicious (she would literally cut your throat if she could). Your child’s attorney is a terrible actor pretending to look out for your child’s “best interests” but really they are best friends with county counsel. Remember, these people work together everyday for the same goal (the best interests of the state). So OBJECT yourself if your attorney doesn’t. IF YOU EVER WANT ANY CHANCE IN APPELLATE COURT YOU MUST GET OBJECTIONS TO EVERYTHING THAT IS UNREASONABLE AND FALSE ON THE RECORD. OPEN YOUR MOUTH EVEN IF ITS SCARY AND IT CAN BE VERY INTIMIDATING. They count on that.

This is your only time to get the truth on record, and your time to shine for your family, I can’t state this point enough no matter what your attorney has said to you, you must look out for you and your children no one else will do it for you.  If you listen to anything in your life listen to this PLEASE OBJECT TO ANYTHING THAT IS SAID BY ANYONE IN THAT COURTROOM THAT IS NOT CORRECT OR NOT TRUE (YOU MUST). If you do not it will be “on the record” as unopposed and is held as correct, do not let anyone tell you different. You need APPEALABLE ISSUES and you will get those when you OBJECT. It does not matter how the Judge rules it, overruled or sustained, as long as it is on the record. If your lawyer tells you different you can throw my name in his face. I have read courtroom procedure and it is stamped on my brain.  I want only the best for anyone fight for their life in this court and make no mistake when you lose your child they might as well have taken your life as well because that is the way you will feel afterwards.  Justice does not always prevail but if you follow these guidelines you will have grounds for an appeal.  IF YOU ARE A DECENT PARENT THEN YOU ARE IN YOUR CHILD’S BEST INTERESTS AND YOUR CHILD IS YOUR BEST INTEREST AS WELL.  I TRULY HOPE THESE REPORTS HELP YOU.


These reports prove why CPS kidnaps your children.  They are not looking out for the child’s best interest.  This information is all documented and CPS, as well as the courts, already have these reports.  THIS IS ALL FACT AND IF THE JUDGE TRULY CARES ABOUT YOUR KIDS HE WILL CONSIDER THIS INFORMATION.  The likelihood he has not read this report is slim in none.  CPS will know that you know the truth. Your child is not to be held as a hostage so the county can make money off of the destruction of your family.  File a timely appeal and whether you win or lose, SUE SUE SUE and take no prisoners. Hold them accountable for their actions. (They have been getting away with this for so long that they need help to control their own behavior.)


My introduction into child protective service cases was due to a grandmother in an adjoining state who called me with her tragic story. Her two granddaughters had been taken from her daughter who lived in my district. Her daughter was told wrongly that if she wanted to see her children again she should sign a paper and give up her children. Frightened and young, the daughter did. I have since discovered that parents are often threatened into cooperation of permanent separation of their children.

The children were taken to another county and placed in foster care. The foster parents were told wrongly that they could adopt the children. The grandmother then jumped through every hoop known to man in order to get her granddaughters. When the case finally came to court it was made evident by one of the foster parent’s children that the foster parents had, at any given time, 18 foster children and that the foster mother had an inappropriate relationship with the caseworker.

In the courtroom, the juvenile judge, acted as though she was shocked and said the two girls would be removed quickly. They were not removed. Finally, after much pressure being applied to the Department of Family and Children Services of Georgia (DFCS), the children were driven to South Georgia to meet their grandmother who gladly drove to meet them. After being with their grandmother two or three days, the judge, quite out of the blue, wrote up a new order to send the girls to their father, who previously had no interest in the case and who lived on the West Coast. The father was in “adult entertainment”. His girlfriend worked – 2 – as an “escort” and his brother, who also worked in the business, had a sexual charge brought against him. Within a couple of days the father was knocking on the grandmother’s door and took the girls kicking and screaming to California.

The father developed an unusual relationship with the former foster parents and soon moved back to the southeast, and the foster parents began driving to the father’s residence and picking up the little girls for visits. The oldest child had told her mother and grandmother on two different occasions that the foster father molested her.

To this day after five years, this loving, caring blood relative grandmother does not even have visitation privileges with the children. The little girls are in my opinion permanently traumatized and the young mother of the girls was so traumatized with shock when the girls were first removed from her that she has not recovered.

Throughout this case and through the process of dealing with multiple other mismanaged cases of the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), I have worked with other desperate parents and children across the state because they have no rights and no one with whom to turn. I have witnessed ruthless behavior from many caseworkers, social workers, investigators, lawyers, judges, therapists, and others such as those who “pick up” the children. I have been stunned by what I have seen and heard from victims all over the state of Georgia.

In this report, I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.

The Department of Child Protective Services, known as the Department of Family and Children Service (DFCS) in Georgia and other titles in other states, has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separating families. This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection. This report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping,” ineffective policies, and DFCS who do does not remove a child or children when a child is enduring torment and abuse. (See Exhibit A and Exhibit B)

In one county in my District, I arranged a meeting for thirty-seven families to speak freely and without fear. These poor parents and grandparents spoke of their painful, heart wrenching encounters with DFCS. Their suffering was overwhelming. They wept and cried. Some did not know where their children were and had not seen them in years. I had witnessed the “Gestapo” at work and I witnessed the deceitful conditions under which children were taken in the middle of the night, out of hospitals, off of school buses, and out – 3 – of homes.

In one county a private drug testing business was operating within the DFCS department that required many, many drug tests from parents and individuals for profit. In another county children were not removed when they were enduring the worst possible abuse. Due to being exposed, several employees in a particular DFCS office were fired. However, they have now been rehired either in neighboring counties or in the same county again. According to the calls I am now receiving, the conditions in that county are returning to the same practices that they had before the light was shown on their deeds.

Having worked with probably 300 cases statewide, I am convinced there is no responsibility and no accountability in the system. I have come to the conclusion:

• that poor parents often times are targeted to lose their children because they do not have the where-with-all to hire lawyers and fight the system. Being poor does not mean you are not a good parent or that you do not love your child, or that your child should be removed and placed with strangers;

• that all parents are capable of making mistakes and that making a mistake does not mean your children are always to be removed from the home. Even if the home is not perfect, it is home; and that’s where a child is the safest and where he or she wants to be, with family;

• that parenting classes, anger management classes, counseling referrals, therapy classes and on and on are demanded of parents with no compassion by the system even while they are at work and while their children are separated from them. This can take months or even years and it emotionally devastates both children and parents. Parents are victimized by “the system” that makes a profit for holding children longer and “bonuses” for not returning children;

• that caseworkers and social workers are oftentimes guilty of fraud. They withhold evidence. They fabricate evidence and they seek to terminate parental rights. However, when charges are made against them, the charges are ignored;

• that the separation of families is growing as a business because local governments have grown accustomed to having taxpayer dollars to balance their ever-expanding budgets;

• that Child Protective Service and Juvenile Court can always hide behind a confidentiality clause in order to protect their decisions and keep the funds flowing. There should be open records and “court watches”! Look who is being paid! – 4 – There are state employees, lawyers, court investigators, court personnel, and judges. There are psychologists, and psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, therapists, foster parents, adoptive parents, and on and on. All are looking to the children in state custody to provide job security. Parents do not realize that social workers are the glue that holds “the system” together that funds the court, the child’s attorney, and the multiple other jobs including DFCS’s attorney.

• that The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty of them so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child. Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing;

• that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved;

• that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved; • that there are no financial resources and no real drive to unite a family and help keep them together; • that the incentive for social workers to return children to their parents quickly after taking them has disappeared and who in protective services will step up to the plate and say,

“This must end!

No one, because they are all in the system together and a system with no leader and no clear policies will always fail the children. Look at the waste in government that is forced upon the tax payer; • that the “Policy Manuel” is considered “the last word” for DFCS. However, it is too long, too confusing, poorly written and does not take the law into consideration; • that if the lives of children were improved by removing them from their homes, there might be a greater need for protective services, but today all children are not safer.

Children, of whom I am aware, have been raped and impregnated in foster care and the head of a Foster Parents Association in my District was recently arrested because of child molestation; • that some parents are even told if they want to see their children or grandchildren, they must divorce their spouse. Many, who are under privileged, feeling they have no option, will divorce and – 5 – then just continue to live together. This is an anti-family policy, but parents will do anything to get their children home with them.

• fathers, (non-custodial parents) I must add, are oftentimes treated as criminals without access to their own children and have child support payments strangling the very life out of them; • that the Foster Parents Bill of Rights does not bring out that a foster parent is there only to care for a child until the child can be returned home. Many Foster Parents today use the Foster Parent Bill of Rights to hire a lawyer and seek to adopt the child from the real parents, who are desperately trying to get their child home and out of the system;

• that tax dollars are being used to keep this gigantic system afloat, yet the victims, parents, grandparents, guardians and especially the children, are charged for the system’s services. • that grandparents have called from all over the State of Georgia trying to get custody of their grandchildren. DFCS claims relatives are contacted, but there are cases that prove differently. Grandparents who lose their grandchildren to strangers have lost their own flesh and blood. The children lose their family heritage and grandparents, and parents too, lose all connections to their heirs.

• that The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in 1998 reported that six times as many children died in foster care than in the general public and that once removed to official “safety”, these children are far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual molestation than in the general population. • That according to the California Little Hoover Commission Report in 2003, 30% to 70% of the children in California group homes do not belong there and should not have been removed from their homes. Please continue: (See Final Remarks next page) –

\6 – FINAL REMARKS On my desk are scores of cases of exhausted families and troubled children. It has been beyond me to turn my back on these suffering, crying, and sometimes beaten down individuals. We are mistreating the most innocent.

Child Protective Services have become adult centered to the detriment of children. No longer is judgment based on what the child needs or who the child wants to be with or what is really best for the whole family; it is some adult or bureaucrat who makes the decisions, based often on just hearsay, without ever consulting a family member, or just what is convenient, profitable, or less troublesome for a director of DFCS.

I have witnessed such injustice and harm brought to these families that I am not sure if I even believe reform of the system is possible! The system cannot be trusted. It does not serve the people. It obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so. Children deserve better. Families deserve better. It’s time to pull back the curtain and set our children and families free. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and the needy” Proverbs 31:8-9 Please continue to read: Recommendations Exhibit A Exhibit B – 7

– RECOMMENDATIONS1. Call for an independent audit of the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud.

2. Activate immediate change. Every day that passes means more families and children are subject to being held hostage

. 3. End the financial incentives that separate families.

4. Grant to parents their rights in writing.

5. Mandate a search for family members to be given the opportunity to adopt their own relatives.

6. Mandate a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before removing a child from his or her parents.

7. Require a warrant or a positive emergency circumstance before removing children from their parents. (Judge Arthur G. Christean, Utah Bar Journal, January, 1997 reported that “except in emergency circumstances, including the need for immediate medical care, require warrants upon affidavits of probable cause before entry upon private property is permitted for the forcible removal of children from their parents.”)

8. Uphold the laws when someone fabricates or presents false evidence. If a parent alleges fraud, hold a hearing with the right to discovery of all evidence.

Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia Continue to Exhibit A next page – 8 – EXHIBIT A December 5, 2006 Jeremy’s Story( Some names withheld due to future hearings) As told to Senator Nancy Schaefer by Sandra (XXXX), a foster parent of Jeremy for 2 ½ years. My husband and I received Jeremy when he was 2 weeks old and we have been the only parents he has really ever known. He lived with us for 27 months. (XXXX) is the grandfather of Jeremy, and he is known for molesting his own children, for molesting Jeremy and has been court ordered not to be around Jeremy. (XXXX) is the mother of Jeremy, who has been diagnosed to be mentally ill, and also is known to have molested Jeremy. (XXXX) and Jeremy’s uncle is a registered sex offender and (XXXX) is the biological father, who is a drug addict and alcoholic and who continues to be in and out of jail. Having just described Jeremy’s world, all of these adults are not to be any part of Jeremy’s life, yet for years DFCS has known that they are. DFCS had to test (XXXX) (the grandfather) and his son (XXXX) (the uncle) and (XXXX) to determine the real father. (XXXX) is the biological father although any of them might have been. In court, it appeared from the case study, that everyone involved knew that this little boy had been molested by family members, even by his own mother, (XXXX). In court, (XXX), the mother of Jeremy, admitted to having had sex with (XXXX) (the grandfather) and (XXXX) (her own brother) that morning. Judge (XXXX) and DFCS gave Jeremy to his grandmother that same day. (XXXX), the grandmother, is over 300 lbs., is unable to drive, and is unable to take care of Jeremy due to physical problems.

She also has been in a mental hospital several times due to her behavior. Even though it was ordered by the court that the grandfather (XXXX), the uncle (XXXX) (a convicted sex offender), (XXXX) his mother who molested him and (XXXX) his biological father, a convicted drug addict, were not to have anything to do with the child, they all continue to come and go as they please at (XXXX address), where Jeremy has been “sentenced to live” for years. This residence has no bathroom and little heat.

The front door and the windows are boarded. (See pictures) This home should have been condemned years ago. I have been in this home. No child should ever have to live like this or with such people. Jeremy was taken from us at age 2 ½ years after (XXXX) obtained attorney (XXXX), who was the same attorney who represented him in a large settlement from an auto accident. I am told, that attorney (XXXX), as grandfather’s attorney, is known to have repeatedly gotten (XXXX) off of several criminal charges in White County.

This is a matter of record and is – 9 – known by many in White County. I have copies of some records. (XXXX grandfather), through (XXXX attorney’s) work, got (XXXX), the grandmother of Jeremy, legal custody of Jeremy. (XXXX grandfather) who cannot read or write also got his daughter (XXXX) and son (XXXX) diagnosed by government agencies as mentally ill. (XXXX grandfather), through legal channels, has taken upon himself all control of the family and is able to take possession of any government funding coming to these people. It was during this time that Jeremy was to have a six-month transitional period between (XXXX grandmother) and my family as we were to give him up. The court ordered agreement was to have been 4 days at our house and 3 days at (XXXX grandmother).

DFCS stopped the visits within 2 weeks. The reason given by DFCS was the child was too traumatized going back and forth. In truth, Jeremy begged us and screamed never to be taken back to (XXXX his grandmother) house, which we have on video.

We, as a family, have seen Jeremy in stores time to time with (XXXX grandmother) and the very people he is not to be around. At each meeting Jeremy continues to run to us wherever he sees us and it is clear he is suffering. This child is in a desperate situation and this is why I am writing, and begging you Senator Schaefer, to do something in this child’s behalf. Jeremy can clearly describe in detail his sexual molestation by every member of this family and this sexual abuse continues to this day.

When Jeremy was 5 years of age I took him to Dr. (XXXX) of Habersham County who did indeed agree that Jeremy’s rectum was black and blue and the physical damage to the child was clearly a case of sexual molestation . Early in Jeremy’s life, when he was in such bad physical condition, we took him to Egleston Children Hospital where at two months of age therapy was to begin three times a week. DFCS decided that the (XXXX grandparent family) should participate in his therapy. However, the therapist complained over and over that the (XXXX grandparent family) would not even wash their hands and would cause Jeremy to cry during these sessions. (XXXX the grandmother), after receiving custody no longer allowed the therapy because it was an inconvenience.

The therapist reported that this would be a terrible thing to do to this child. Therapy was stopped and it was detrimental to the health of Jeremy. During (XXXX grandmother) custody, (XXXX uncle) has shot Jeremy with a BB gun and there is a report at (XXXX) County Sheriff’s office. There are several amber alerts at Cornelia Wal-Mart, Commerce Wal-Mart, and a 911 report from (XXXX) County Sheriff’s Department when Jeremy was lost. (XXXX grandmother), to teach Jeremy a lesson, took thorn bush limbs and beat the bottoms of his feet. Jeremy’s feet got infected and his feet had to be lanced by Dr. (XXXX). Then Judy called me to pick him up after about 4 days to take back him to the doctor because of intense pain. I took Jeremy to – 10 – Dr. (XXXX) in Gainesville. Dr. (XXXX) said surgery was needed immediately and a cast was added.

After returning home, (XXXX), his grandfather and (XXXX), his uncle, took him into the hog lot and allowed him to walk in the filth. Jeremy’s feet became so infected for a 2nd time that he was again taken back to Dr. (XXXX) and the hospital. No one in the hospital could believe this child’s living conditions. Jeremy is threatened to keep quiet and not say anything to anyone.

I have videos, reports, arrest records and almost anything you might need to help Jeremy. Please call my husband, Wendell, or me at any time.Sandra and (XXXX) husband (XXXX) Continue – Exhibit B EXHIBIT B Failure of DFCSto remove six desperate children A brief report regarding six children that Habersham County DFCS director failed to remove as disclosed to Senator Nancy Schaefer by Sheriff Deray Fincher of Habersham County. Sheriff Deray Fincher, Chief of Police Don Ford and Chief Investigator Lt. Greg Bowen Chief called me to meet with them immediately, which I did on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Sheriff Fincher, after contacting the Director of Habersham County DFCS several times to remove six children from being horribly abused, finally had to get a court order to remove the children himself with the help of two police officers. The children, four boys and two girls, were not just being abused; they were being tortured by a monster father.

The six children and a live in girl friend were terrified of this man, the abuser. The children never slept in a bed, but always on the floor. The place where they lived was unfit for human habitation. The father on one occasion hit one of the boys across his head with a bat and cut the boy’s head open. The father then proceeded to hold the boy down and sew up the child’s head with a needle and red thread. However, even with beatings and burnings, this is only a fraction of what the father did to these children and to the live-in girlfriend.

– 11 – Sheriff Fincher has pictures of the abuse and condition of one of the boys and at the writing of this report, he has the father in jail in Habersham County. It should be noted that when the DFCS director found out that Sheriff Fincher was going to remove the children, she called the father and warned him to flee. This is not the only time this DFCS director failed to remove a child when she needed to do so. (See Exhibit A)

The egregious acts and abhorrent behavior of officials who are supposed to protect children can no longer be tolerated. Senator Nancy Schaefer



Brenda Scott, in her 1994 book Out of Control: Who’s Watching Our Child Protection Agencies, criticizes CPS, stating, “Child Protective Services is out of control. The system, as it operates today, should be scrapped. If children are to be protected in their homes and in the system, radical new guidelines must be adopted. At the core of the problem is the anti-family mindset of CPS. Removal is the first resort, not the last. With insufficient checks and balances, the system that was designed to protect children has become the greatest perpetrator of harm.

Despite the benefits of the services of CPS, in the last two decades, they have come under intense private and public scrutiny as an institution than can and has caused great harm in the name of protection. Although child welfare agencies are generally viewed positively, there has been an increase in the amount of cases where critics believe CPS have reacted out of their bounds.

A notable recent case is the family of Gary and Melissa Gates in Texas. The school called the local CPS and requested the Child Protective Services forcibly remove all thirteen of the Gates children and take them to foster homes under a court order which allowed an Emergency Removal, when there is clear evidence of danger to the physical health & safety of the child. The local CPS gave the explanation that they felt, quote, “Mr. Gates was uncooperative and his uncooperativeness with us put the children at risk.” Even though the court ordered the children to be returned, CPS continues to classify the Gates as child abusers. Some have accused the CPS of having too much immediate power leaving the parents feeling lost and aggravated. The CPS has been accused of prejudging parents before proper investigations were done.

An ongoing case about Nastic family living in U.S. has received an intervention from the Serbia government. Children were taken away from their parents after their naked photos were found on the father’s computer. Such photos are common in Serbia culture. Furthermore, parents claim that their ethnic and religious rights have been violated – children are not permitted to speak Serbian, nor to meet with their parents for orthodox Christmas. They can meet only mother once a week. Children have suffered psychological traumas due to their separation from parents. Polygraph showed that father did not abuse children. Trial is set for January 26. Psychologists from Serbia stated that few hours of conversation with children are enough to see whether they have been abused. Children were taken from their family 7 months ago. FBI started an investigation against the CPS.


The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had itself been an object of reports of unusual numbers of poisonings, death, rapes and pregnancies of children under its care since 2004. The Texas Family and Protective Services Crisis Management Team was created by executive order after the critical report Forgotten Children of 2004.

Texas Child Protective Services was hit with a rare if not unprecedented legal sanction for a “groundless cause of action” and ordered to pay $32,000 of the Spring family’s attorney fees. Judge Schneider wrote in a 13-page order, “The offensive conduct by (CPS) has significantly interfered with the legitimate exercise of the traditional core functions of this court.”

Nancy Schaefer

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer published a report “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” making many claims against CPS including. Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were shot and killed shortly after she had appeared before congress and exposed the national child pediphile, prostitution, and pornography ring working out of the Child Protective Services Industry.

The late Senator had exposed the CPS underbelly running from California, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, New york just to name a few.  Senator Schaefer was calling for the permanent end of the Child Protection Racketeering.  According to the investigation done by the late senator in her 5 year long investigation no CHILD EVER LEAVES CPS UNSCAVED, that the child protection industry was mob of Judges, politicians, senators and everyone involved in the CPS courts system was guilty of Kidnapping Children and putting them into an horrific environment..

  • Unfair judgement of families, especially those most unable to defend themselves. Without compassion, unreasonable and impossible demands that separate families and cause stress are made of parents.

  • Local governments accustomed to resulting flow of taxpayer dollars to balance growing budgets routinely ignore charges against Child Protective Services. Funding continues as long as children are out of their home, adoption bonuses are also available, but no incentive remains to return children home.

  • On top of $4000–$6000 per child is a multiplying factor based on the percentage that a state exceeds its baseline adoption goal.

  • Bonuses and incentives cause employees to work diligently to exploit children for government money while parents are charged for the cost of their care. Fraud, fabrication, withholding, and destroying of evidence, unnecessary termination of parental rights, and double dipping are common while confidentiality clause is used to protect the beneficiaries.

  • Beneficiaries include state employees, lawyers, court investigators, guardian ad litems, court personnel, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, caseworkers, therapists, foster parents, adoptive parents, and others. Incentives to put children on more drugs per day involve additional funds and Medicaid.

  • Parents are sometimes pressured by CPS agents to divorce their spouse in order to see their children again. Parental cooperation is often interpreted as guilt, and parents separated from their children are treated as criminals often without access to visit or even see their children.

  • Child protective services is a wasteful bureaucracy with no clear leader and unclear policies. State legislators are generally powerless to correct the federally mandated system.

  • Tragedies happen where children die in CPS custody due to neglect or abuse while parents are trying hard to regain custody of their children. Such tragedies should never happen.

  • While CPS claims relatives are contacted, there are very many cases that proves false, where grandparents and other relatives attempt to get custody and are denied. Parents and grandparents lose all connections to their heirs while children lose their heritage.

  • The California Little Hoover Commission Report in 2003 reported that 30% to 70% of the children in California group homes neither belong there nor should have been removed from their own homes.

  • Children are in far greater danger in CPS custody today than in imperfect homes. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect reported in 1998 that six times as many children died in foster care than in the general public. Children removed to official “safety” are far more likely to suffer sexual molestation and other abuse than in the general population.

  • CPS problem reports

  • The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, as with other states, had itself been an object of reports of unusual numbers of poisonings, death, rapes and pregnancies of children under its care since 2004. The Texas Family and Protective Services Crisis Management Team was created by executive order after the critical report Forgotten Children    of 2004. Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn made a statement in 2006 about the Texas foster care system.   In Fiscal 2003, 2004 and 2005, respectively 30, 38 and 48 foster children died in the state’s care. The number of foster children in the state’s care increased 24 percent to 32,474 in Fiscal 2005, while the number of deaths increased 60 percent. Compared to the general population, a child is four times more likely to die in the Texas foster care system. In 2004, about 100 children were treated for poisoning from medications; 63 were treated for rape that occurred while under state care including four-year old twin boys, and 142 children gave birth, though others believe Ms. Strayhorn’s report was not scientifically researched, and that major reforms need to be put in place to assure that children in the conservatorship of the state get as much attention as those at risk in their homes.

    Responsibility for misconduct

    In May 2007, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found in ROGERS v. COUNTY OF SAN JOAQUIN, No. 05-16071 that a CPS social worker acting without due process and without exigency (emergency conditions) violated the 14th Amendment and Title 42 United State Code Section 1983. The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that a state may not make a law that abridges “abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States” and no state may “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Title 42 United States Code Section 1983 states that citizens can sue a person that deprives them of their rights under the pretext of a regulation of a state.

    Disproportionality & Disparity in the Child Welfare System

    In the United States, data suggests that a disproportionate number of minority children, particularly African American and Native American children, enter the foster care system. National data in the United States provides evidence that disproportionality may vary throughout the course of a child’s involvement with the child welfare system. Differing rates of disproportionality are seen at key decision points including the reporting of abuse, substantiation of abuse, and placement into foster care.   Additionally, once they enter foster care, research suggests that they are likely to remain in care longer.    Research has shown that there is no difference in the rate of abuse and neglect among minority populations when compared to Caucasian children that would account for the disparity.   The Juvenile Justice system has also been challenged by disproportionate negative contact of minority children.    Because of the overlap in these systems, it is likely that this phenomenon within multiple systems may be related.

    Constitutional issues

    In May 2007, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found in Rogers v. County of San Joaquin, No. 05-16071 that a CPS social worker who removed children from their natural parents into foster care without obtaining judicial authorization was acting without due process and without exigency (emergency conditions) violated the 14th Amendment and Title 42 United State Code Section 1983. The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that a state may not make a law that abridges “… the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States” and no state may “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Title 42 United States Code Section 1983     states that citizens can sue in federal courts any person who acting under a color of law to deprive the citizens of their civil rights under the pretext of a regulation of a state, See.   

    In case of Santosky v. Kramer, 455 US 745, Supreme Court reviewed a case when Department of Social Services removed two younger children from their natural parents only because the parents had been previously found negligent toward their oldest daughter.     When the third child was only three days old, DSS transferred him to a foster home on the ground that immediate removal was necessary to avoid imminent danger to his life or health. The Supreme Court vacated previous judgment and stated: “Before a State may sever completely and irrevocably the rights of parents in their natural child, due process requires that the State support its allegations by at least clear and convincing evidence. But until the State proves parental unfitness, the child and his parents share a vital interest in preventing erroneous termination of their natural relationship”.

    A District of Columbia Court of Appeals concluded that the lower trial court erred in rejecting the relative custodial arrangement selected by the natural mother who tried to preserve her relationship with the child. The previous judgment granting the foster mother’s adoption petition was reversed, the case remanded to the trial court to vacate the orders granting adoption and denying custody, and to enter an order granting custody to the child’s relative.

    Notable lawsuits

    In 2010 an ex-foster child was awarded $30 million by jury trial in California (Santa Clara County) for sexual abuse damages that happened to him in foster home from 1995 to 1999.   The foster parent, John Jackson, was licensed by state despite the fact that he abused his own wife and son, overdosed on drugs and was arrested for drunken driving. In 2006, Jackson was convicted in Santa Clara County of nine counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a child by force, violence, duress, menace and fear and seven counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a child under 14, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.     The sex acts he forced the children in his foster care to perform sent him to prison for 220 years. Later in 2010, Giarretto Institute, the private foster family agency responsible for licensing and monitoring Jackson’s foster home and others, also was found to be negligent and liable for 75 percent of the abuse that was inflicted on the victim, and Jackson was liable for the rest.

    In 2009 Oregon Department of Human Services has agreed to pay $2 million into a fund for the future care of twins who were allegedly abused by their foster parents; it was the largest such settlement in the agency’s history. According to the civil rights suit filed on request of twins’ adoptive mother in December 2007 in U.S. Federal Court, kids were kept in makeshift cages—cribs covered with chicken wire secured by duct tape—in a darkened bedroom known as “the dungeon.” The brother and sister often went without food, water or human touch. The boy, who had a shunt put into his head at birth to drain fluid, didn’t receive medical attention, so when police rescued the twins he was nearly comatose. The same foster family previously took in their care hundreds of other children over nearly four decades.DHS said the foster parents deceived child welfare workers during the checkup visits.

    Several lawsuits were brought in 2008 against the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF), accusing it of mishandling reports that Thomas Ferrara, 79, a foster parent, was molesting girls.The suits claimed that though there were records of sexual misconduct allegations against Ferrara in 1992, 1996, and 1999, the DCF continued to place foster children with Ferrara and his then-wife until 2000. Ferrara was arrested in 2001 after a 9-year-old girl told detectives he regularly molested her over two years and threatened to hurt her mother if she told anyone. Records show that Ferrara had as many as 400 children go through his home during his 16 years as a licensed foster parent from 1984 to 2000.   Officials stated that the lawsuits over Ferrara end up costing the DCF almost $2.26 million. Similarly, in 2007 Florida‘s DCF paid $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged DCF ignored complaints that another mentally challenged Immokalee girl was being raped by her foster father, Bonifacio Velazquez, until the 15-year-old gave birth to a child.

    In a class action lawsuit Charlie and Nadine H. v. McGreevey  was filed in federal court by “Children’s Rights” New York organization on behalf of children in the custody of the New JerseyDivision of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).    The complaint alleged violations of the children’s constitutional rights and their rights under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment, 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Multiethnic Placement Act (MEPA). In July 2002, the federal court granted plaintiffs’ experts access to 500 children’s case files, allowing plaintiffs to collect information concerning harm to children in foster care through a case record review.   These files revealed numerous cases in which foster children were abused, and DYFS failed to take proper action. On June 9, 2004, the child welfare panel appointed by the parties approved the NJ State’s Reform Plan. The court accepted the plan on June 17, 2004.  The same organization filed similar lawsuits against other states in recent years that caused some of the states to start child welfare reforms.   

    In 2007 Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick obtained a jury verdict against Orange County (California) and two of its social workers for violating her Fourteenth Amendment rights to familial association.   The $4.9 million verdict grew to a $9.5 million judgment as the County lost each of its successive appeals.    The case finally ended in 2011 when the United States Supreme Court denied Orange County’s request to overturn the verdict. Litigated by a team of attorneys: Shawn McMillan, Sondra Sutherland and Jodi Hausman, Law Offices of Donnie Cox , Donnie Cox and Dennis B. Atchley. 


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  1. Ani Demirjian

    July 9, 2015 at 2:41 am

    My son and daughter are adopted by my parents . The reason for the adoption was over what they call domestic abuse …while it was a mere argument between my husband and I outside my parents home while my son was sound asleep inside the house. There was no neglect or drugs or abuse or any other reason to place my kids with my parents other than an argument between me and my husband. There were several false accusations and several false reports made out that supposedly my husband and I continued to fight and argue and that is obviously unhealthy in front of a child , yet I had never argued with my husband in the presence of my kids. We both attended classes for domestic violence and anger management , we went to couples therapy and spent our time and money just to have lost our parental rights and have our children adopted by my parents which seemed to be brainwashed by the social workers and working against us with false accusations . Every report copy I received I’d be devastated in tears of the falsifications and my public defender couldn’t do much . appeals after appeals and nothing. The Monteray park DCFS is corrupt for the least to say. My parents had the best top paid lawyer and it was just a horrible experience which brings me to tears. As I read this article it just brought so many emotions that frustrates me. My question is now how would I go about in getting my kids back after this adoption has already been finalized after a 5 year struggle of trying to have my parents do parental guardianship ,instead they adopted our kids which the public defender warned me that there’s no way I can get them back after adoption . The DCFS has made my life hell ever since my son was only 6 months old , had to live away from him because the police told me to.The arguments between my husband and I were over how much my Mother used to frustrate me while residing in my parents home. My mother has always been argumentative with me and it was really awful having to live there and as a cause have my kids taken away from us. My daughter was placed at my parents house the next day of giving birth to her. This has been too much on me. Another thing the court held against me stating I had emotional and mental issues and wasn’t taking my prescriptions ,yet my husband would himself give me my medication daily to take .Too many false accusations and no justice … What kind of court system is this!!!


  2. consheller

    July 12, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    what is the best way to contact you for my concern on my grand baby who was granted custody to us but foster parent went behind The department of family children’s service in Columbus Ga and file adoption paperwork on her in superior court we were told we had to wait because she said the best interest of the baby was to be with her and the case moved so fast from April to July and now she has won the adoption. It’s a lot more to this and I would love to share our story because our fight has just begun we are talking with a lawyer know and her starting fee is 5000.00


  3. Todd williams

    July 21, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    We have had our grandchildren taken away or not allowed to call or see them until today the judge ruled that we have no rights to ever speak to them or see them again


  4. Miranda crawford

    July 24, 2015 at 11:57 am

    Please help me ive been fighting dhs in jackson county ms for 3 years. I might have been following the wrong people (my mother) and might have been wrong for the way I tried to right my life but did not deserve to loose my son forever. I have cleaned my life up and now have a little girl and want to go back but scared there gonna take her away just because. But I need to b closer to fight harder. I have absolutely no family helping me and my two friends I have left idk how much they can help me. im currently a single parent and at my witts end w this mess. Tired of being told to give up and move on. Please please help me in any way u can.


    • stacy

      August 18, 2015 at 11:00 pm

      no point in just giving up bc that will eat at you, but do pace yourself, make your plans and live your best life in-between fighting.


  5. Vielka Rodrigues

    July 26, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Well I being asking for help for so maney years. I even traid letter to they . governer and they presiden. My sons Diego and Victor have sofer and I daing slowly seing thes and I cant Stop it . they have tack all all frome us including close and clases. I dont faning wath us to thing I can tell you I havend stop spresing the love for my sons really. Thanks for thes post makes my fill a little bayer and lise some one is reading my post. Hope you not oder layer a inposter pretending you going to help . thanks thaks. Page1


  6. chelsi

    July 31, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Please email me the answer I was wondering if Ur pregnant in cps care in Texas what can happen or what will happen also do I have any rights as a new parent


  7. Leshay

    August 4, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Omg I need my children.. They r not with family they are with my ex’s mother n step dad.. My kids behovior is definding.. They are being abused sexually mentally physically n emotionally.. My children are not safe. I’m terrified for my children… I fell when they are being abused.. They are part of me.. I know when somethings going on with them.. I need help getting my babies with my family please help me someone I’m calling out for help… Children that go through abused of all end up not having a future


  8. april

    August 11, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    Dependancy quick guide please. I am entitled to be awarded services and my attorney is like you say on their side


  9. Beth

    August 12, 2015 at 9:41 am

    I need some help ..please…


  10. Tabitha

    August 25, 2015 at 12:45 am

    Cps took my kids away because my daughter had a serious injury. They did a interview on my 6 year old son and found out it was the baby sitter I’ve done everything they’ve asked and they are still determined to terminate my rights to my kids ive done nothing wrong!!!! And I want my kids back its a year later and still haven’t gotten them back help please I will make my. Case national all over the news cnn anything so they NEVER destroys another family again


  11. Catrina

    August 28, 2015 at 5:34 am

    I had a child very young at 14 and I myself in bay area California was a fOster child but lIved homeless on streets because of how I was being treated in the system (no drugs i wanted to be eVen though young best mom ever )and when I gave birth to my baby girl the Police came and picked me and my daUghter up from the hospital and took us both to the children’s shelter a couple of months later my aunt took us in after a few months from then my aunt told my social worker she was not able to care for us any Longer ( she work 3 jobs at the time and had three of her own children to care for) cps took my daughter and I back to the shelter for many months put us in the children’s cottage together for about a month and I stayed in hopes to get the resources to keep her after the first month together the authority there said I was not able to stay in same cottage with my daughter and must go to school and I understood school but not why I couldn’t stay with my daughter together? After the shelter school was out one day I went to the children’s cottage to visit my baby like usual when they allowed it came in and she had bruises all over her body and face all broke the skin and 6 of them just on her face I was furious how did they not catch the first bite none the less 11 times ? I was sent to the vIce president of the children’s shelter offIce and was told to Keep quiet about this and they would help me keep my baby with me soon before this haPpened my social worker told me that she must separate us because there was no foster parent willing to take a teenager and her baby since technically I was ward of state and she wasn’t they would only get paid for me which was less because I was older I cried and pleaded to not do this to me so a week or so later they found one fOster parent willing to take us in (mind you I was wOrking my first job at taco bell trying to prove I could do it on my own and therapist said at the age of 16 I’ve lived life of 40 year old woman already too) when I moved too this placement this foster parent was trying to gain my trust. My social worker told me I have to go to school and I’m working so at the time I didn’t see the need told her I’m not going to school unless it paid me a week later came back to me telling me she found a school that would pay me, job corps . I went because I made a promise took bus from the home and back every day about a month after my sOcial worker was now replaced by her supervisor telling me that they can not keep me in the same home as my daughter that they were going to remove her to another home and I didn’t want her hurting and confused more so I opted to move to job corps on campus so they wouldn’t do that to us after I moved they still took her and while I finished my classes and got ged all by 17 and half and fought my way into the union for work before 18 year they told me because I’m a minor and have no father in her lIfe (but he was they wouldn’t let him) adopted her and I even thou did everything they asked and more still lost my baby and was forced to sign papers I Don’t know what they were so they could get there bonus then told by a new judge can’t have children for 7 YEARS or would take them to went crazy back to my homeless family only ones I felt loved me and started doing drugs to not feel anymore eventually in about a year or so later found myself in nevada and falling in LOve had two children and lOst one and got back with services cause I couldn’t get over my traumatic experience and miss trust of cps the social worker asked why I won’t wOrk to get her back told her my story and she PROMISED if I wOrk and tried wOuld gIve her back and I got my daughter back less than 6 months from when was told this and was able to keep my new Born son went back to CaliforNia to my old foster parent said she would help me I went to college for a free years but the lady went crazy again so I moved again to nevada got with a terrible man that i didn’t know was spanked my son left marks now cps again but he no longer wIth me and judge Give them back after 72 hours then cps comes to my home and asked me to do a voluntary case and i was appalled said no because i know what they do and cause my trust issUes sent kids to old foster parent till back on get and since she was in another state filed for guardianship and i haven’t seen my Kids in 5 years she won’t let me and takes child support to Live on . Moral of story sad but you can’t trust anyone anymore I can’t even get any help either I feel helpless and desolate


  12. Tracy Criwell

    August 31, 2015 at 11:55 am

    I am fighting for my grandkids CPS Washington State denied me custody of them I’m going through an appeal process I’m at the brief what do I do if I’ve been denied my briefing process for the appeal


  13. raven rodriguez

    September 5, 2015 at 3:28 pm



  14. Kristin walker

    September 8, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    My children were taken because I showed positive for the 6 ng my sister had passed away 6 days earlier and I smoked a joint with a friend. Our attorney advised us we had one appeal. Keep in mind she was state appointed. I finally have enuff money to hire an attorney to fight to get them back but it’s been almost 5 yrs and they say mt appeal time has expired. Can anyone help or have info that can help see my girls. I haven’t seen them in almost 5 yrs. HELP


    • sdj4djustice

      September 8, 2015 at 3:19 pm

      Too late for appeal, I am sorry. However, you can sue CPS for violating your 14th Amendment Rights but it is hard to find an attorney to take them on. What city, state are you in?


  15. Russell

    September 8, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    My boys was removed from my care because i popped my oldest son 3times with a belt. DFACS removed my kids and placed them back with there mother because i was not legitimated. No charges were filed against me i never went to jail that day in court the judge legitimated me. The court ordered me to take a psychological evaluation, in which i did a week later. Six month goes by and i have not heard anything from my kids. DFACS calls me and says my youngest had been removed from the home because there mother boyfriend had beating him severly. Around the same time i had a upcoming court date to see if i had taking a psychological evaluation. The Judge wrote an order for the kids to be returned to me upon enrollment in parenting classes and drug counseling from previous use of Marijuana. I send the order over to the county my kids were in i got no answer called and called no answer this went on for about 3 months. Finally a case worker calls and i tell her about the order the judge wrote. She tells me to bring the order to the office. They read the order and tell me it says i must complete the classes, and the order is clear once i enroll the kids are to be returned. We go to court a week later, and i keep hearing them talk about my son who is in foster care, keep in mind they left the other kids in the house with the dangerous boyfriend. There saying he was just released from the hospital for his behavior come to find out months later after 7 continuation in court they had put a 5 yr old on Risperdal and concentra. Also my oldest son which is 8 and his 12 yr old brother ran away from home. They gave the 12 yr old back to his dad and placed my 8 yr old in foster care they wont give them to my mom or any relatives they put my 6 yr old back in the hospital to wean him off the Risperdal. They drugged tested me and i passed. The bottom line they wont give me back my children because of there mistake and i need some advice they even altered the court order to say complete instead of enroll. I got them against the wall all they do is tell lies.


    • sdj4djustice

      September 12, 2015 at 3:26 pm

      Hi there, sorry you and your kids are going through all of this. This will scar them for life. The first thing I would do if I were you would be to become much more proactive. Don’t let 3 or 6 months go by anymore. Call them everyday if you have to. Call the social worker’s supervisor, then go higher to the director. Write letters and the next time you go to court OBJECT OUTLOUD ON THE RECORD. Forget whatever bullwhacky your “lawyer” tells you regarding being quiet, what they are doing is wrong and you need that to be a part of the official record. Write out all their lies clearly and concisely and in court submit that paper to the judge after you read them all out loud. Gather up any evidence you have and bring that to court as well. If there is no hearing anytime soon, like I said, contact supervisors and the director of DCFS. I have examples of how to word your letters here on the site just do a search for sample letter. What state are you in? I will post your state’s CPS laws if they are not already on the side link. Read all of those laws and if I can find your state’s reference material for the lawyers, I will post that so you know what your lawyer is supposed to be doing for you but doesn’t.


  16. Anna

    September 12, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    I desperately need help.I am in Blue Ridge, Ga.DFCS came in my door without me letting them in and I had to wake my children from a nap because they were taking them from me.My fiance had to leave because they said he abused my children and they are scared of him.Thats a lie.But once he had to leave they came up with other reasons about me to keep them from me.Which were lies and ridiculous.I have health problems and need surgery on my back and they are using that against me.My children were clothed, fed, clean, loved very much, and protected.I can’t afford my own attorney so they appointed me one.Shes no help because shes friends with the people from DFCS.I need help! My next court date is next month in October.They didn’t let me see or talk to my 4 babies (ages 6,11,13,15) for months after they took them.Then they started letting me talk to them on the phone for 15 minutes each and the calls were monitored.Then they all of a sudden cut off all communication.The last couple months they have been letting me see them once a week (which they have made excuses a few times that they couldn’t come) for 2 hours with a person to supervise and I have to be drug tested every time.I have only been in trouble through my whole life with just 2 tickets.My court appointed lawyer won’t talk to me and neither will the caseworker.The only person I ever get to speak to is the one the supervises the visits.I have a case plan but they never gave me a copy and I never signed it.Just like when they came and took my babies, they never showed me any kind of papers.In court the caseworker stands there telling lies and they won’t let me speak.When I have tried I’ve been shooshed by my lawyer.And she won’t defend me.Whatever the caseworker says is taken as truth and I can’t object to it or say anything.I don’t know what I should be doing because they won’t talk to me and they aren’t helping me like they were suppose to.I desperately need help.PLEASE, if anyone reading this can help me please please let me know.They have taken my heart away from me.My email is and my phone number (text please) is 706-455-1982.Please help me


  17. Sarah

    September 14, 2015 at 10:20 am

    California cps came and took my boys from me because my neighbors who have harassed us since we moved in called with some of the off the wall accusations. They even took pictures of my 2 year old son over a 6 foot privacy fence in my back yard after he took his own clothes and diaper off running around naked. My husband and I where remodeling our rental and I was in the middle of a miscarriage. They placed my children in a Foster home where the Foster mom worked at our primary health care clinic. My 2 year old sons face was constantly bruised up and my one year old son fell on a hard wood floor after the let him try to walk with socks on. Than my oldest boy came to a visit with bed bug bites on his face. My youngest was exposed to be whooping couch. And now has mysterious food allergies that the same clinic said he had. My kids have only been sick twice in my care and never had bruises on them. But I am fighting for my babies because a neighbor who even tried to place harm on my husband a year prior had said with no proof that the accusations are real. They are very crooked people.


  18. helen

    September 16, 2015 at 9:44 am

    my kids was taken and was sex abuse. and rporit to cps and thay keep here there for 4mouth befor she was put someone. Can u help use Ca santa clara Ca 95051thank you. And my sister had a babby and was take frome the hopitl and never seen agean can u help us


  19. Yolanda

    September 18, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    I really need to speak with you regarding my case in Miami,Florida with dcf.My case really needs to be put in the spotlight the judge,cps and everybody that works for the system has violated my children and my rights and it’s being overlooked.They built my case on hearsay with false allegations.I need to know what steps to take to fight to get my baby back I will not give up until I get what is rightfully mine that they obtain illegally.please help me asap thank you


  20. tracy

    September 20, 2015 at 4:06 am

    My grandson was taking at 3 months old gor my daughter took him to hospital in texasonlyto get areested and 5doctors state this is medical not abuse. But still my daughter and the father got charged felony charges and on probation now the other baby was virn and he has a stroke at nine days old c o s claims shaking baby syndrome. Which we no is n ot true.but yet the case in texas they get told if they go to trial probation is going to violate them and they go to prison 10 years.. All for seeking medical help. So these scared oarents did what there lawyers told them. Who does one got to to make complaint


  21. zaquana mckay

    September 20, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Hi my daughter was taken for no reason they say she was born into an open case but actually the case was closing because i surrender my rights to my mom for my son and they didnt know i was pregnant with my daughter til i was 8months she had nothing to do with the case now she is adopted by some lady because they petition for my rights to be terminated what do i do now


  22. Marie Cabrera

    September 21, 2015 at 10:34 am

    Finally, I know I am not alone when my children and I have gone through Hell of being separated, lied to and treated like commodites to benefit self serving predators! Injustice is being committed on Children and their Parent(s) who are targeted if they dare ask for help. Women and their Children separated and lied to about being reunified when in actuality are being sold off to predatory money hungry wolves who dare step over Boundaries of respect and the Civil Rights of American Citizens in order to monetarily support their own livelihood. People who will step all over you if you are not STRONG and VOCAL. Beware of people who smile in your Face but are plotting behind your backs to destroy everything you worked for AND to take your Flesh and Blood away from you.


    • Kelly

      October 12, 2015 at 10:11 pm

      I see I am not alone..Dear Lord please help us save our children..Or send us someone who can..


  23. Cindy Hairston

    September 21, 2015 at 11:07 am

    CPS just threatened my son and tried to force him to sign away his rights to his newborn baby due to his criminal record and said she will see that they don’t take the baby home with them. This was said in front of several witnesses as he called me in tears and I advised him to refuse to sign or even talk to them, as he has completed his parole and never once had a dirty UA (his convictions were drug related) and this was done without an investigation and upon just arriving to meet the parents! He was being forced to give up his family with duress and without due process of the law! It’s still happening in texas!


  24. Anastasia Nedd

    September 21, 2015 at 11:41 am

    Can you pleae help me. I am going through mist of what you said. I need your help.


  25. Tricia dunnington

    September 25, 2015 at 1:48 am

    Myself and my daughter our lost we’ve looked every where for help we’ve been fighting and fighting we can’t afford a lawyer and the one given to her don’t even do or say what we’ve told him or enter in or proof of anything they just took my daughter’s perinatal rights away too we are appealing this but were so list with no help I was adopting my granddaughter had her home with me too tell one day the cps worker came and removed her told me she don’t have to say why and took her I can’t even see her they don’t even set up my visit for my daughter I ‘ve read so much on how to dos and your blog but we seriously need some help because if we can’t change this older we lost my granddaughter for good this time it’s not fair nor right and it’s destroying her hurting her please I plead help us Tricia Dunnington I live in hemet .ca (951)3658728 Please….


    • tonya

      December 8, 2015 at 10:44 am

      hi I have tried contacting you they want to see you get no help if you want advice am not a attorney this is for entertainment only I have to say that for my Protection but contact me and we can go from their they blocked your info from you reaching out ise


  26. Julie

    October 1, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    Someone called dfacs on me told them a bunch of shit & they took my daughter because I get a prescription for pain meds cause I’m messed up from a car wreck. I do not abuse them hell I hardly ever take em unless I’m hurting bad


  27. bianca bentley

    October 4, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    My children was kidnapped from me and my husband please can somebody contact me at 832-797-1123 thank and be blessed.


  28. Victor

    October 5, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Hi djustice.. i c you help alot of people with advice, and yes we do need to stand together and fight for our children..I was in a relationship 3 years ag, well I had to call the police and she was arrested for child endangerment, this was during her 5 month of pregnancy she was intoxicated.. she was booked at jail and bailed the next day then skipped with my unborn child. Just vanished, I called police whom directed me to cps. I explain to cps and there response was I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do for you, to make it short, I was informed April 24, 2015. That my daughter’s in foster care..however I was told by the worker I would have to pay for my own dna test, I tested May 13, 2015. But the worker refused to make my child available for her swab test..and they refuse to acknowledge me as her father, I was never given notice from the beginning that the mothers rights were terminated feb, 6, 2014. I didn’t know there was a case going on…however cps had the police report since day one when they took my daughter into custody, cps had my # and my brothers # and addresses but no attempt to contact me or my family violating 4-6 and 14 amendment I never seen my daughter..however did hire an attorney vincentwdavisjuviniledependencycourt I’m financially short of the retainer fee,can you refer me to financial assistance to help cover the difference? Thank you!


    • tonya

      December 8, 2015 at 10:21 am

      Dame dude I can help you that is crazy you can sue but I will tell you this get a copy of your child’s birth certificate and call severing filling soulutions not call but go look them up it cost 450 to remove your self from system and add a addemdum after that they will help you until your done then add your daughter on top of that you will be able to go get your child because she will be protected out of the state care and transferred back to you trust me am doing it know I had my kids removed and I have 9 I have 3 with me the steps are worth it court takes time but time wont be wasted am a mother who fights and they have no rights in a child up bringing and they know that and until you know that and bust them out on it they will go due it to someone down the road then sue ut everything has to be done upon affidavates and demands of giving them 14-30 days to respond cps workers lie they have no immunity that tells us to sue the for the fraud and wrong doing you have a lot of time to fight because it is not that old study the law and get books and read like a good one is secured party creidetor is someone you will become after you do the first part on line filling solutions part good luck


  29. Jennifer moore

    October 9, 2015 at 1:23 am

    I have been done tos way for eight years and now my oldest is going through it as well as I am I signed my guardianship to a lady so my child could finish out the school year and to give me time to get a stable house I was having gallbladder attacks they said my fifteen year old wasn’t safe cause I was medically incompetent to take care of her now my husband and I are having martial problems caused by dfcs saying that he can no longer be around her because of his past he has changed since the grandkids but dfcs told my daughter that we have history with your mom and dad they proceeded to take my daughter and her 2 kids also the youngest of hers was breastfeeding she wasn’t able to get the to treadmill that was more healthy than formula we have been dealing with lies After lies After lies and have no clue of how to fight as of now my daughter has been in custody for eight months she has been stuck in mental institutions she has been stuck in a group home where they abused and make her go hungry her and another girl because they’re too fat it was a told them and now the caseworker won’t listen to them she’s only contacting me one time with 1 court date and we’re still fighting I was wondering how I can fight this in a higher system


  30. Regina Freeman

    October 9, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    You all is so right my daughter failed drug test I was granted temporary custody of my five grand girls including twin’s they lied to my daughter saying they was going to give them back the mean black lady judge look ate with hate for letting them visit they. Mother and set me out harshly and order them to foster care that day please something need to be done o didn’t have a lawyer but she and lieing dcs is crooks please help fight and stop the them now..


  31. sandra

    November 6, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    hi I lost my granddaughter cause of the safety plan . I let my granddaughter father see her but I didn’t know my daughter had a protection order against him . so cps took her from me im going crazy this is my baby . I don’t know what to do to win her back I need answer .


  32. longina hernandez

    November 8, 2015 at 11:11 am

    I am a grandmother with the same situation as your first story,i want my granddaughter s but was denied as well as my son (their blood uncle) which was told his home study was denied, another family members also were denied (i believe my lil sister was denied simply because of her sexual preference) it wasn’t in the best interest of the two four year old twin girls to be placed in a same-sex home .
    I have been looking endlessly for help and answers for a little over two years now to find someway to get my granddaughter s back with our family, i hired an attorney in which i paid 1500$ down to start on an appeal to interven but got the run around ,mixing my case up with others he was working on at the end he informed my family & I that there wasnt anything that could be done LEGALLY anymore and adviced us to write a letter to the judge that was overseeing our case (which we did ,but received no response in nor out of court)we have almost exhausted our savings, but welling to sell whatever we own to get the twins back home.
    Please Help
    A loving grandmother


  33. Kristy Hammeke

    November 8, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    My 3 children were taking from me for witnessing alleged domestic violence. I refused to let them in my home they called the police who told me I had to let them in to interview my children and that I was not aloud to go in my house while this was happening. They came on a Wednesday, interviewed them again on a Thursday at school, told me Friday to not have their dad around over the weekend filed papers on Monday and detained my kids on Tuesday. HELP


  34. Amy pledger

    November 8, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Iam in a situation where CP’s and the sherrifs came in my home and forced me to let them in and they took everything from me in 2 days time they took my five children and then condemned my home and they filed a court case for child endangerment and it states there are no active charges what should I do to get my kids back


  35. adri smiyh

    November 19, 2015 at 10:21 am

    After having my children placed in foster care for”drinking to excess of intoxication, I jumped through all the hoops and did all the services and have gotten v my children b back in my care with three months of being “watched” by DSS.. Now the foster mom wants to claim my children on her taxes and she did have them half of the year as well as I had them half, am I legally obliged to let her claim them by NY law? If I don’t let her claim them can I get into trouble?


  36. Crystal Combs

    November 25, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    I need help my children were taken by social services 11/20/15 without any proof of wrong doing they kidnapped my children please please I need help I have witnesses to prove my children were taken without cause please please please help me


  37. Delisse Jones

    November 26, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    My name is Delisse and although I want to be able to put everything into this post I don’t even know where to begin it started in 2005 ended and began again in 2010 when Humboldt County CA cps took my two older girls put them in foster care returned them to me but refused to close out the case. in 2011 I gave birth to my 2nd son whom I was forced to do a voluntary case with I jumped thru all the hoops did everything and then some even with them changing what they wanted me to do about every 2 months in June 2013 they showed up with false allegations against me and took my 3 kids not giving me services on y 2 girls and placing them in guardianship only because my oldest daughter refused to be adopted and split the three of them up placing my son whom is special needs in a separate placement where they have now recently in Sept taken my parental rights away and placing him for adoption. (PLEASE THERE IS SO MUCH TO MY STORY THAT I CAN NOT PUT IT ALL HERE THRU THE TEARS) I gave birth again in May 2014 to a very healthy drug free baby girl that cps came into the hospital and tried to remove from me. I was able with the help of my delivering doctor and hospital OB staff stop cps from removing. However again forced into a voluntary case with cps after a year almost 1 1/2 yrs my moving counties they Humboldt County CPS has taken my baby. I don’t even live in that county and they say because someone that is out to make problems for me calling and making false completely false reports to law enforcement and cps (TRINITY COUNTY) and them responding to find nothing to prove what had been said nor having ever even spoke to me let alone seen me to verify anything; Humboldt County CPS said that they were taking my daughter while I was attending court on the fact that Humboldt County was trying to get a court case opened saying i had failed to complete their case plan because I REFUSE TO HAVE MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS VIOLATED just so they can take a hair test for no reason first saying it was cause I refused to let her be tested at birth this was shown to be false by the doctor whom delivered my daughter but because they are out to get her they have been whatever they can to get her and the others, and because I have no money to fight them and shitty ass “COURT APPOINTED” attorney my babies and I are being ripped apart tormented crushed my oldest daughter now 13 yr old is cutting herself . There is so much more I NEED HELP PLEASE I WANT TO DIE AND YET WANT TO FIGHT BACK SO BADLY BUT HAVE NO WAY NO HELP NO MEANS TO DO SO. Let alone do I know where to start or how to.
    Oh and now that they (HUMBOLDT COUNTY CA CPS AND COURTS) have taken my daughter although stated in open court that its against my religion for them to take my daughters hair they granted the request of cps to do so. WHAT CAN I DO?


    PLEASE CALL/TEXT: (707)273-2681 OR EMAIL ME AT
    I’m begging please help me us.


  38. Sandra maldonado

    November 26, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    My daughter was recently sexually molested by her paternal grandmother in del Norte county California. I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do, I contacted cps, also took her to the doctor the day after she told me. At the doctor, they looked and said there was possible sexual abuse, not for sure though. I was also going through an ugly custody case between the father and I, but I know my case in family court was mine. I went to family court to have the hearing for this, and was called incompetent by the judge, and it was held over for another month, and with all the allegations, I was ordered to o let her father have unsupervised visits in the home of his mother anyways. Cps then started a case on my daughter, and before they took jurisdiction, they were adding my son to the case, and trying to take jurisdiction of them both saying that they didn’t know if the abuse happened while in my care or her fathers, and to give me family maintenance with both kids in my care. I left the state without them knowing and before the jurisdiction was taken by the court, but not even 2 weeks later when I transferred my sons school, the cops from the state I moved to were knocking at the door and removed my kids from me, and at court they did not give me any visitation with my kids or reunification. I am devastated, and I’m sure my kids are too. I dunno what to do. I can’t afford a lawyer and the lawyer appointed to me is a public defender that doesn’t answer the phone, or call me back. What do I do?


  39. brenda sallee

    December 2, 2015 at 1:03 am

    I live in butte California i have a 15 year old boy thats in the systum i want to no how to beat cps he needs to be home he was happy at home


  40. Keysha

    December 3, 2015 at 10:41 am

    I am trying to get custody of my niece who is in cos custody both of her parents have told the courts and the social worker that they want her placed with me. I have been subjected to several lies and interrogative treatment most recently being told.I need to give birth certificate to prove the baby is my niece. We have last names and obvious my birth certificate will prove nothing . asking for DNA is the only option to prove anything. Can they do this. Can you help me stop them. They say complete one task then they wait til that’s done and say something else stalling and allowing my infant niece to be with a foster family longer instead of her own.


  41. Lea

    December 3, 2015 at 11:46 am

    They made me believe it was my fault was a worthless person mother I new had done right finished 2 cases plans well I’d never been into drugs tell there lil substance abuse classes wow what u learn there I become what they accused me of after adopting my 2 children out well it’s been 5 years I’ve been clean 1year 6 1/2 months that is cause I have birth to my 4 4th I’ve not relapsed not would I I have a purpose to live to wake up well thanksgiving day we were on our way to my boyfriend (which is my daughters dad ) older kids house to eat when I find myself in hand cuffs there were drugs n drug equpiment in the vehecial so my boyfriend looks at me and says I’ll go to prison I new better but before I could really think it tru I yelled it’s all mine if he would of went to jail tHat mean no working so I’d be screwd we need him and I have no record. So it wouldn’t be so bad til they tell me we r calling dcfs and charged me with child in dangerment 1st I’d never have that shot around my lil princess she is my everything all I have now they r looking for her court order to remove and I’m hiding til I can afford a lawyer please help me stand for my mea I can’t lose her she’s all I’ve ever wanted what should I do I no running is not the answer but they will have to kill me before she is taken from me


  42. Angel Zimmerman

    December 4, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Someone please help!! In 2005 my children were taken from me and my husband at that time. It started because I was working at night and my husband at that time left my children unattended. I did not know that and had to leave my job. There was cops and a cps agent there in which they broke in my home to get to the children. I demanded my children to be handed to me and that I was at work and knew nothing of this. Hey told me they had to go in the system and I needed to meet with cps on that following Monday. I came in and met with them and they requested a drug screen to be done. I agreed and unfortunately at that time I was a drug addict and it came back positive. My children were turned over to my mother and court was said to take an NA program and parenting classes to have the return of my children. My mother had them for a few months and spoke to me on how hard it was taking care of her grandchildren and that she was gonna hand them over to foster care. I panicked so my husband at that time contacted his mother to claim custody of the children and transfer them to the state of CA. She came and took them home with her in CA . My husband at the time was very abusive towards me and prior to the kids taken in 05 I asked my mom could me and my children move to their place and allow me to get on my own two feet. She declined because of the fear she had over my exhusband. I had no help from anyone. I took a job on the road to build a life in FL and try to get my kids back that way my exhusband had the opportunity to spend time with our children and suggested I move their and try to get the kids back. I left and moved to CA to get my kids back. My ex mother n law gave me the kids back since she had custody. In 2006 my husband became a heavy drinker and back to being abusive. I called my ex mother n law to come and get the kids instead she called the police and they had my exhusband removed for a domestic call. A few days later my children were taken from Mariposa co cps and said I had not had the right to have my children?? Went back into the system . Three years I found my own programs that were requested and some were faith based programs. That wasn’t good enough. There were false accusations made and false reports. I fought and fought with those people. I moved and transferred to Fresno co and was told from the foster parents he thought I may get the kids back. The courts felt if I left my exhusband would hel tremendously. So I filed for a divorce and a restraining order to have him removed from my premises. For the longest we had supervised visitation with the children. At the end of it they requested I sign my rights over in which I declined because I was not in anyway agreeing with that decision. I passed hair follicle test and urine screening years of completed and ongoing programs keep in my mind. At the end of it all decision was made they were not returning my kids back. Their decision of outcome was regardless they felt I would take my exhusband back putting my children at danger. I had no great income to hire an aggressive attorney to help just a monotone laid back public defender. In 2008 my life was over my heart was ripped into pieces from the lost of my children since then I have walked with a void in my heart. I am desperately seeking someone to hear my story and maybe guide me to the help I need in reuniting back with my children. Please someone hear me!!


  43. Paula

    December 9, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    I am a grandmother of 3 beautiful granddaughters age 3 ,,2 and 8 months old. the state has put them in foster care. My daughter is jumping through hoops for these people on their demands. taking drug tests which she never ever done them and passes each time, they try to sabatoge a visit also. It all started from My daughter has been harassed abused by her ex for years since the 2 oldest children were born, her third child was by another ex whom is not worthy either who doesn’t want anything to do with his. after they separated, the father of the two oldest has been violent with her and her younger disable sister. yet I cannot tell you how many times he has taken my daughter to court saying contempt if he doesn’t see the girls and when he has they have always came back dirty and hungry, but the courts do nothing to him. He has called cps on my daughter every day to spite her if she did not do what he said he would call and make up stupid stuff. and of course cps is at the door. well after so many calls you are basically in the system and they try build a case they twist words and so on. My daughter had gotten her own place and the kids father called cps saying she was doing a meth lab which is totally untrue. so at 12:00 AM a cps worker who is only 25 that I will tell you in abit who has interest of conflict with my daughter anyway shows up without a warrant she does have a cop with her they automatically walk in cps worker has a flash light walking around she goes in the childrens room and startles my two granddaughters from there sleep. scared them this is at 12 AM in the morning, she then asks my daughter will she strip my grandchildrens bottom so they can take pictures to see if they have rashes my daughter says No you are not coming in here threatening me and without any lawyer and said she don’t codone porn. of course the worker ends up leaving with cop and says well I will be in touch. My daughters ex had made a call saying that there were drugs and kids were abused . he fabricates stories and no one does anything. Now my youngest grandchild who is 8 months now has had a lot of medical problems from day one. My daughter didn’t have enough antomic fluid carrying my grandbaby and doctor prescribed Zofran for her for nausua to take when she was pregnant. ( which as a lot of the problems my grandbaby has are symptoms caused by Zofran, lawyers called my daughter now and had her name on the national lawsuit for Zofran cause of birth defects its been causing newborns.) which my grandbaby has she was born with severe bilateral clubfeet a hole in the heart, sleep apnea seizures heart murmur and her sutures closed.on her skull. my youngest granddaughter has been to the hospital about a month after she had jaundice her billarubin was critical level she was admitted. not long after that she had rhinovirus, entrovirus, cranovirus she was real sick she stopped breathing 5 times in the hospital turning blue. she has had multiple ivs stuck in her head. at hospital. she had to go to shriners for her club feet had to have cast on legs all the way up her thighs. so yes my youngest has been in and out of the hospital for so many health problems. we even addressed that her head looked larger than normal but her dr wanted to focus more on her feet than her head. she would have seizures and dr just said we will just keep and eye out but the feet is worse. so as she got little older she had appts for MRI to get done but DHHR kept messing her medical card up where she was denied. on sept 1st she went to get MRI done and because the medcaid wouldn’t go through they told her reschedule and get it fix. so after a 2 hr drive back home here we are again prolonging it. so so in last part of sept dr down here in our town notices her head circumference is growing rapidly which we have been hollering about for months . so her next appointment wa end of October. for MRI so longstory short we took my grandchild to neurologist to get a MRI same day they admitted her she was laughing rolling around in the crip we got to feed her finally she ate good playing with her toy everything. not fussy which she never been fussy she is a good baby always have been. the dr said she had fluid on the brain hydracephlus they were gonna put a shunt in and drain fluid.. 15 minutes later he comes in says after further information we feel this child is abused. he said someone has literally shook the baby such a impact as you would have in a car crash or impact of 12 feet away. I was like you are full of it No one has not abused this child. I have pictures before and after no indication of anything. this dr went and seen my daughter had cps case background. and because I feel that the dr who prolonged doing anything and focused more on her feet that they goofed and they find my daughter as a escape goat for them. so here my granddaughter has had numerous medical issues since day she was born and a ex who has harassed and called they see a girl who has that in her case and push the abuse thing. Ok this is where cps comes. we are in a different county ok 2 hrs away from home to get her MRI done right? well the very same cps worker from our county drives 2 hrs specifically cause she got my daughters name and ran with it. the interest of conflict is that she went to school and had some friends and her used to make fun of my daughter and never liked her. so when my daughter told her that night she wasn’t going to strip her kids clothes off for her to take pictures this lady has an axe to grind.
    so cps worker talks to me and my mother the great grandmother and this is where I goofed by signing a paper I never got to see. she said this is a formality for whenever kids are involved. that we agree to just be there when my daughter is with the other two kids at home. a 7 day plan. but if I would have known what she actually wrote down I would have not signed nothing she said was non accidental trama and stated my daughter could not be in the home at night. I did not see that she didn’t even say anything like that to us. she then went to my daughter and threatened her if she did not sign it she would go get the girls now. she said she sen me and mom had signed it that it was ok . but I swear if I had known I would not have done that. I had the two other children at the sitter who thought could have trusted but I couldn’t get my brother to watch them he said his wife neice would. I was really reluntant about that because she herself cant have kids and has been wanting my daughters kids and would say things she should give her one. but we wanted to be there for my youngest granddaughters surgery, so I let her watch them, while the same day my grandbaby had surgery was the day cps kidnapped my other two grandbabies. everything seem fine my grandbaby came out of surgery and was cooing coherent smiling and everything when 5:00 came around I was calling the sitter telling her me and my fiancé coming pick them up but there was no answer she wasn’t answering phone I kept trying. finally after and hour she calls I say im getting ready leave to get the girls . she said well I don’t have them! I said where are they? she said I was told to meet Stephanie cps worker and she took them. I said why she said cause im not going to jail. come to find out there was no cop there this was done in wood county which cps worker went out again of ours and met her at a wendys parking lot in mineralwells. and she handed the girls over to a total stranger! we were devastated!!! we haven’t seen or spoke to my grandbabies since the night of the 19th I took them to the sitter. my mother its longer for her cause she stayed up at hospital whole time with baby. soon after that Stephanie took over and no one was not allowed to know anything pertaining the kids. no one would even talk to me or my mother. the two older girls resided in our home. why taken why any of this? so assumptions and accusation til this day are pinpointing everything toward my daughter. accusations is that the baby was shaken which as god as my witness is not true. they are condemming my daughter she has jumped throught hoops for them they required for her and for the fathers to take a random drug test she has to call every day to see if her color is up and if it is she goes to this building and pee in a cup sometimes twice week and you know what she passes everytime! because she has never done drugs! unlike the two fathers who refuse to take any my daughter has went to every meeting she has applied for college ect leaps and bounds. and no matter what they try and try to find something to make it difficult. they have her so self conscious right now if she has a hair out of place not perfect that they will say something. she has seen the girls twice in different county they r with foster care she has to bring food necessaties with her every visit. she said foster was nice people now cps says she cannot communicate at all outside like facebook or nothing its not fair my grandbabies are begging to come home she got to video tape them and it was so heartwrenching seeing them exspecially the oldest saying she wants to come home to go with mommy crying. it breaks my heart. today we had unexspected court hearing after sitting for 5 hours waiting to be called the discontinued it til jan of next yr. we will be without them Christmas, possibly my daughter wont get to see them because even though she does everything they ask and they cant find anything they nit pick saying this or faults. she started breaking out due to nerves with all the stress and they automatically said its scabies well we cant take u unless u get a all clear your not contagious. well guess what I took her to dr and dr says it wasn’t scabies but nerves . its just one thing after another . she is scared to lose her babies for no reason because with all these past accusations she has from a ex and a dr who prolonged doing anything ahead of time finds someon who is single mother young and they can protect there job and not admit there goof up by being on this from the beginning. they throw abuse issue, and now my grandbabies are in a total strangers home not understanding all this. we cant afford a lawyer who will actually fight. fight. and they know this and within past couple months there had been families children taken away by the same worker. Our family is grieving for our babies I pray everyday for a miracle that someone help us help my grandbabies its all about these workers profiting taking children and funding. I cry everyday for my grandbabies my daughter is suffering without her children. my mom the great grandmother she is 70 yrs old is grieving for our babies they are our life!!! I wish someone would be the voice or listen the system is broken these are just legal kidnappers I cant bear the sorrow and emptiness I love my grandbabies as so does their mother and their great grandmother. I just don’t know who to reach out to to be heard and find help. we love my grandbabies sooo much.


  44. Sarah bonno

    December 10, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Hi my name is Sarah I livv in sapulpa ok my kids were taken well I say kid napped my son was taken while I lived in Tulsa ok sep 2015 my two girls were taken in nov 10 2015 and I’m scared they are going to try and get my unborn child due May 3 2016 he may come early like my last two were 34 weekers can u help me and my fiancé please I did nothing wrong


  45. Dawanna Budd

    December 13, 2015 at 3:47 am

    I am in the state of Mississippi. I have been fighting for my son for 2 1/2 years now. Can you help. 601-791-6488


    • sdj4djustice

      December 15, 2015 at 12:36 am

      I would love to help everyone but I am so limited with my time lately. I will post links to the laws in your state.


  46. George L Hicks

    December 13, 2015 at 6:27 pm

    I have read all of this strong information, I live in Phillips county Arkansas and my son and daughter was taken from their mother and I. Now since we know what we know Now we are Praising God Jehovah Himself for leading and Guiding us to this Lawful information,, you I realize something that God has brought me along way. May Jehovah Himself Bless you Tremendously for this blessed page.


    • sdj4djustice

      December 15, 2015 at 12:35 am

      Thank you so much for your blessings! I am glad we are here for you.

      Sharon Joyce-Burns


  47. tt

    December 13, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Our story is kind of the opposite of the ones posted here. We decided four years ago that we would foster babies in the foster to adopt program. While waiting for a baby we were contacted about a six year old girl who had been in seven different foster homes. Short of a long story, we ended up adopting her. Her biological father has truly turned his life around and has become a big part of our family. He is involved in all major decisions, acculades, disciplines, etc. We value his input and are greatful for his participation in his daughter’s life. Three years ago we adopted a little baby girl whose mother had relinquished rights to. Our daughter’s biological mother was a young meth user that was not interested in being a mother. Nine months later she was pregnant again. She wanted us to have her baby and we took him home from the hospital. He turns 2 this month. In April of this year the state found his biological father in jail. He had had a one night stand with bio mom and produced this child. He is a gem. In the last year he has put a gun to his own mother’s head and threatened to kill her. He assaulted his brother so badly he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He snapped his own two cats necks and took his small dog and threw it down on the ground so many times the dogs brains were falling out of its head. He then proceeded to tell his then girlfriend and mother of his other baby, that that was what he was going to do to her and their child. After the arrest for threatening his girlfriend and baby the girlfriend went into hiding from him and social services denied him any access to the child. While in jail they did a DNA test on him and confirm he is the father of our foster child. He is a known gang member and heavy drug user and for some reason the state has decided to offer him services to gain custody of this boy. I am all for second chances but this guy is a psychopath. He still to this day posts videos on his Facebook about his gang family and the fact that he can do as many drugs as he wants. I am scared. I am scared for this child and i am scared for the loss our family will endure if this man gets custody. Is there anything we can do to help our situation?Does his half sister that we have adopted, have any rights where he is concerned?
    Thank you for reading


    • sdj4djustice

      December 15, 2015 at 12:33 am

      Wow! First of all, thank you for giving the father of your first child a second chance and for letting him be in her life and all those other things you all do together. SO VERY VERY VERY AWESOME, I have tears in my eyes right now. I wish there were more like you. Regarding the other “father”, my heart bleeds for you and that child and I believe that if CPS is not on his side, neither will the courts. By law they have to offer him the chance but due to his violent tendencies and if he is a drug using gangbanger, most likely he will not be able to complete the requirements CPS will place onto him. Depending on what state you are in, if you were in CA for example, if the child is under the age of 3, they only have to offer services for 6 months and if he is in jail, he will not be able to complete the classes, counseling and meet the visiting schedule within that time frame. Have you filed adoption papers for the boy? Has the court moved to free the child for adoption (terminating parental rights)? They can have more than one “goal” (i.e., reunification while at the same time preparing to free for adoption). This is to provide “permanency” for the child as soon as possible.

      I hope this helps a little bit. Email me at: if you want help researching the laws in your state.

      Sharon Joyce-Burns



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