CPS caught on camera stealing children without cause. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is outraged.

01 Jun

You go Donnelly, this has been going on in most of the CPS cases and if you need any proof please call. We have been investigating CPS for 5 years and their crimes would make people outraged if they knew how many children are taken from good homes.
If a parent continues to fight for their child through all the CPS hardships and will never give up then I stake my life that they are good parents.
I have been a parent for 29 years and now CPS takes my youngest even though none of my children have ever been hurt ever and all have grown into productive adults,


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28 responses to “CPS caught on camera stealing children without cause. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is outraged.

  1. Grandma Jones

    June 2, 2013 at 8:36 am

    And they do it to the maternal grandparent also if you stand up for your right and your grandchildrens rights they deem you a trouble maker and can tell the judge what ever they want this has got to stop!! Its happening all over The United States of America and our children can be scared for life when taken from their intire heritage!


  2. Karen

    June 2, 2013 at 8:59 am

    social services walked into my house and took my children with NO warrant and NO police. but the babysitter handed them over with NO fight. CPS is just stealing children for profit


  3. jennifer j

    June 2, 2013 at 7:19 pm



    • Rhonda

      July 8, 2013 at 11:13 pm

      I also asked for police assistance to help me protect my daughter and they took my 4 year old daughter and terminated my rights!!! AND took my newborn all in 7 months!!!


  4. andrea

    June 3, 2013 at 2:38 am

    my name is andrea, cps stole my child. if u woould like 2 know more email at , i would love to tell u my story, they say im getn hi m bac soon but i dont trust wat they have 2 say n im very scaired im not goen 2 get my boy bac, hes my blessen forom god n i miss him so badly


  5. behram F. laskari

    June 6, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Definitely Yes! What they a doing is Wrong & Morally Unconscionable! How are we allowing it to happen!


    • donnellyjustice

      June 12, 2013 at 11:59 pm



  6. Abused Swan

    June 7, 2013 at 5:35 am

    CPS is selling children….we also know that attorneys are selling custody to parents with the help of banks. Our website educates mothers about the family court system.


  7. Abused Swan

    June 7, 2013 at 5:41 am


    CONTACT: Deanna Kloostra
    Victim Rights/DV Expert
    (800) 706-4951×3

    Kent County, Grand Rapids, Michigan (April 26, 2013) – The creator of our website, Deanna Kloostra, believes that custody is being sold in Kent County. Deanna has spoken to over 70 non-custodial mothers who have or had Judge Patricia Gardner on their case. These mother’s children have been given to abusive fathers or illegally placed into foster care. Last year Deanna finally had a father, whose case was in front of Judge Gardner, admit he was offered to have his case reversed if he paid money. Another mother who is a victim of Judge Gardner found out that her former spouse had a fake business to pay for custody. If you knew what this father had done to his child, you would be in shock and wondering how he got custody. The mother has not had any contact with the child in over five years. For the safety of these parents and children, more information cannot be given.
    Once Deanna had this proof she realized that the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in her case, Donna Mobilia, spouse worked for a local bank right across from the court house. Donna’s spouse is the CEO of commercial accounts. Deanna believes that parents can purchase custody by taking out a mortgage or a business loan and make monthly payments for custody. She also believes that the parent can pay more money to keep the children out of the other parent’s life. This makes so much sense to a mother who has continually fought to see her children and been blocked by Judge Gardner, Judge Daniel Zemaitis, Attorney Mary Benedict, and Attorney Donna Mobilia.
    When fathers gain custody, mothers are given supervised visitation at facility that can get government funds to pay for visitations. These funds are known as the Access to Visitation grants. Most of these funds have disappeared because of the economy. Deanna was told to pay $40 cash for visitations with Journies and another time with Judy Gabriels, even though she lived on very little income. In 2012 Deanna was sent back to the YWCA for supervised visitation after not seeing her daughter for 3 ½ years. After four weeks the visits were canceled. You can read about her story on the Abused Swan website and how the YWCA is getting VAWA Federal Grant money for the judges, prosecuting attorney, and law enforcement. These Government agencies do not have to disclose to the Federal Government where the money is being spent. Debbie Stabenow is the head of the finance committee of the Department of Human Services who allows the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) Federal money to go to domestic violence shelters like the YWCA. In 2012 Deanna was in Congress talking to representatives and stopped into Debbie’s office, so Debbie is aware of the issues taking place in the community. Deanna plans on running for US Senate in 2018 against Debbie and is working on her campaign as you read this article.
    Deanna was also sent to the Human Resource Associate for a psychological evaluation, by Judge Gardner. Deanna called up one of the mothers who had just had an evaluation at the facility, and made her appointment with the same psychologist. Jeff Kieliszewski stated that Judge Gardner was upset with him because a psychological evaluation did not turn out the way she wanted it to. Donna Mobilia (GAL) spoke to Jeff and gave him papers that Deanna had filed with the courts. Deanna tape recorded the meeting from beginning to end. She recorded the test that was taken, what the questions were, and what her answers are. Deanna then took the final results to another psychologist who is licensed to give the testing. It appears Jeff contradicted himself several times in his report and had no data to back up what he was saying. One minute Jeff states Deanna has a mental disorder and the next paragraph she did not. By Donna Mobilia giving Jeff information, she was tainting the outcome of the report. The psychological evaluation cost $675 which Deanna refused to pay for and did get the court to pay.
    Mothers are paying for psychological evaluations, supervised visitations, and child support and their children are being concealed from them. They believe they are the ones to blame and turning to alcohol, drugs, and commit suicide, but in reality Kent County has some greedy leaders. Our Grand Rapids news media will not report on any negative activity going on in the community. Reporters only want to report on positive aspects. If anyone comments on what is really happening on Mlive or other online articles, the information is removed. On April 25, 2013 we responded to the news article, “Michigan Women’s Foundation honors leaders in Grand Rapids banking an philanthropy.” written by reporter Jim Harger. Dave Murray removed the post written stating they violated community use rules. We call this censorship and violation of freedom of speech. You can check out the article and write to these guys at and Ask them to do investigations on our political leaders and organizations receiving Federal grant money, which are a front for government agencies to receive non reported funds. Demand that they tell you the truth about our leaders!
    We are glad that Deanna stayed strong through all of this and encouraged other women to not give up. Through her research, Deanna has found more corruption, so you may just get another email regarding that information soon. Please forward this information to as many people as possible, we need the truth to be known.

    # # #


    • donnellyjustice

      June 12, 2013 at 11:54 pm

      Start a web site never take this crap CPS throws at us. PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST. AND USE EVERY TAG KNOWN TO MAN. We parents can’t let CPS get away with stealing our children. I can tell you this for sure. If every time a social worker touched a child that is not theirs, and they got their ASS KICKED AND I MEAN DON’T TOUCH MY CHILD AGAIN YOU LOW LIFE LOSER SOCIAL WORKER WHO STEALS AND SELLS CHILDREN. They would not be stealing children. These social workers suffer no consequences for the crimes they commit everyday. Now that they are out of control people ask why. Stand up for your child everyone. We parents are on our own. The united stated government knows all about this problem and pays CPS to continue to kidnap children. We have to stop these criminals.


  8. Danielle

    June 14, 2013 at 8:27 am

    While my child wasn’t taken by CPS, I did have a prblem with them. My step daughter was being abused by her mother and CPS was called on her by the school. The case worker was in the middle of a promotion and didn’t do the paperwork right. Not wanting to have to do anything he filled it out in a way that made it look as though no action was needed. However, if you go through their work sheets (which I have) and it was filled out properly, action was needed to be taken. IE: A questionaire asking if there were any prior CPS cases against the mother? Answer he put NO. The truth: yes like 14 other case…. Is the mother doing any drugs? Answer he put NO. Truth: Yes, he is the one that came to us and told us what drugs the mother was on (several narcotics and marijuana) Just those two questions if answered properly would have made it to where he would have had to take action. Instead he chose to lie and move on, leaving the child in her mother’s care. We have custody now, but it was done through court. If CPS would have done thier job right, we would have had custody years ago.
    CPS is corupted and wrong. They don’t do what they need to when it’s needed and then they take excessive action when none is needed. I wouldn’t trust CPS with any child. Period!


    • Tonya

      July 23, 2013 at 9:16 am

      Danielle, what burns me up about what you just said is that there are so many cases like that where children really do need help and probably (yes in this case) need to be removed temporarily or permanently. What I handle are cases when people are falsely accused of child abuse and take 2+ years fighting to regain custody and get CPS out of their lives afterward, where one spouse has to move out of the home in order for temporary custody to go to the other spouse, etc. If they’d spend more effort on the real cases, the innocent families might be left alone.


      • Allyson marsh

        October 12, 2013 at 8:52 pm

        I just got my two daughters back. I had breast cancer. Still need reconsrtution. But we were seperated to long. My girls only gained two pounds in foster care. They lied in court said they were thriving in fc. I have a son that just turned 19 aug. he’s in his second year at wake forest university I raised him alone. I did every program some twice to please them to insure the return of my girls. My baby was force feed my five year old said the fister mother made her eat her eat her vomit. I paid for everything rehabs all. Took over 50 drug screens. Stayed in rehab an cream year. I was tested every week. I stayed so they knew I wasn’t using. They took my kids after having a reaction to blood pressure meds. I had two or may three letters it was meds. Also the parenting teacher would advacate for me. They said I spoiled my kids. They didn’t need all I bought them. It took me five years to get to this point. Waiting for judge to take off protective custody. I have miss most of their childhood. I was fighting for my life. Always do the best I can for my children. I always put my kids first. I have so many documents have recorded CPS phone conversation. I had supervised visits for over a year. Not one negative comment Only how played age appropriate games. They diagnosed my baby failure to thrive five months after in fc. She was four times her waight the day they took them. At 11 months. Health is three times And going up the growth chart. I had all the of my children at the doctors the day before they were taken. And two weeks before that. I had proof of the weight. I supported my girls with everything they needed in fc. As well as 700 in gift cards monthly for food or whatever they need. Plus sent car loads full to fmom pizza dilivered. U not only bought for my kids but all six she had.


  9. susan hardy

    July 4, 2013 at 5:47 am

    Fought all the way through. Refused help. Denied due process. Refused appeals process. Begged attorney general. Begged governor. Begged Supreme Court via e mail. Begged dhhr-cps state director. Begged the commissioner. Begged the state senators. Begged the congressmen. What now. Rights are gone. 4 children are gone and entire family lives are forever destroyed.


  10. Tammy

    July 8, 2013 at 3:05 am

    The 15th Judicial Circuit Palm Beach County FLORIDA Is Giving Children to Abusive Parents at Alarming Rates: Post your CPS, DCF story (National Safe Child Coalition)
    CHILDREN are being taken from “good mothers” at alarming rates and given to ABUSERS with records of violence including loss of custody and protective orders. EVIDENCE of abuse is not even being considered in many of these cases. Mothers are getting charged nearly $10,000. in Guardian Ad Litem fees alone even after one “father” lost custody. The step mother in this case has a previous record of violence and stalking yet managed to get herself a position as a Guardian Ad Litem in the 15th Judicial Circuit; the same court where the biological mother’s case was pending and the same court that issued the protective order stating she was “violent” just years earlier. The step mother, abusing her position as a GAL soon began to threaten the biological mother to take the children from her. The mother who had no record of abuse, drugs, neglect, mental issues, etc. and had a very close relationship with her children expressed how she and the children experienced years of torment from the step mother and father that ultimately led to these protective orders. The mother pleaded with the courts prior to the step mother’s position and while there had been a different judge on the case to grant her and the children permission to relocate. The father agreed pending the mother “give up child support” and the judge on that case agreed as well.
    While one of the protective orders was in affect against the father for abusing the children and then calling and threatening the mother’s life (on a phone message) the mother had to relocate to take care of her terminally ill mother in her home town. Just days after the move and further threats from the step mother, two local Sheriffs showed up at the terminally ill grandmother’s home and took the children by force as her son hid, crying underneath the bed and begging them not to take him. The daughter holding on tight to the mother pleaded for help as she too begged them not to take her. This was two years ago and the last time the mother has been allowed to see her children or have any contact whatsoever.
    The grandmother who’s only dying wish was to say goodbye to her grandchildren, has passed away without ever being allowed as much as a phone call.
    The grandfather has since been diagnosed with terminal cancer and hopes that he will at least get to say goodbye.

    Sadly there are many more horrifying stories similar to this in the same 15th Judicial Circuit including a mother of an autistic child who was jailed, charged over $10,000 and issued a “Gag Order” after she went to DCF for help, yet no officials are investigating this nor are any media outlets willing to cover such stories. Someone needs to step up to the plate and protect these children before it is too late but the biases and corruption runs so deep in the 15th Judicial circuit, that most officials are believed to be in fear for their own jobs more than they’re concerned for the safety of these children.
    Thank you to, Mark Dougan, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Judge Salcido, Mothers of Lost Children, National Safe Child Coalition, Barry Goldstein, Phyllis Chesler, Huffington Post, Fox News and all the courageous mothers fighting for the rights of children!


  11. dawneworswick

    July 8, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    I was trafficked by CPS for four years from the ages of 3-7 in LA CA! It is an EVIL enterprise and Nancy Shaefer, A US GA congress woman, was murdered in her home, along with her husband , in 2010 (watch her speeches on youtube) I was able to emancipate at 16 to the streets and find my parents who told me the truth about what happened!


    • sjb4djustice

      August 2, 2013 at 5:14 pm

      Thank you for speaking out Dawn. We always appreciate hearing from those who have actually experienced it as a child. We know all about Nancy Schaefer, we have her videos posted here. How old are you now? Tell us more about what you went through. Thank you for visiting and posting on


  12. Cheryl Sosby

    July 8, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    I fought for my children for 2 years. My son got SSI and he was taken. They took my daughter 8 hrs. after her birth a few months later. This was 2 years ago. Our legal pretenders did not do anything. We want an audit in GA. We tried contacting Senators, Congressmen, everyone and no one listened to us. I didn’t know what else to do but sign my rights over the day of the tpr trial bc we had no evidence FOR us on the record but had tons falsified against us. I regret it daily and it’s been a month since I have seen my kids and I miss them terribly. I want to start a class action lawsuit in Georgia. We now have SOME proof our kids were abused. But my lawyer took stuff out of my file and my husband has not received the other half of his file and prolly won’t. My kids were moved 6-8 times in 2 years or less. Please help us.


    • sjb4djustice

      August 2, 2013 at 5:11 pm

      I wish Nancy Schaefer was still alive, she was your state’s Senator in 2007. She was murdered in 2009 because of how much she was uncovering in this corrupt despicable system. There is a news station in your state that has been airing local stories. Check on our site here and you will find the videos. I am sorry for your pain and loss. I know how you feel. Thanks for posting and visiting


  13. David

    July 11, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    All of you are correct in every way. Indeed my heart goes out to all of us who have and are still suffering by the irresponsible abusive behavior that we the tax payer fund. I Have not disclosed whom I will allow the exclusive story. Please do not think I am being selfish but if this story itself draws attention such as this. I assure you something much more bazaar than anyone could believe.


  14. alisonsgypt

    July 24, 2013 at 6:01 am

    Reblogged this on Parents Against Injustice..


  15. Crystal Dawn Jonda

    August 31, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    My car was pulled over in March of this year by two Law Enforcement Vehicles and two Department of Social Services vehicles. I had my two small children to which were removed from me as I spoke to Law Enforcement about their reason for taking my children to begin with. Apparently in they had tested my children and my oldest son had past his test but suppossedly my youngest son had failed his drug test. Dss had went to court and even though up until that day my children had been with my husband for the past couple of weeks because of hear say information relayed to them by my husband. Totally circumstantial evidence, that suppossedly had led Dss to test my two small children and my husband. My husband and my youngest son failed. However when Dss got their court order the warrant was to remove my children from me and charge me with unlawful act unto a minor child and neglect but not my husband. My husband failed a drug screen but yet I was the one looking at charges not him. Anyways, my babies were put into a foster home here in Greenwood until all of the chaos could be worked out. On March 22nd 2013 we walked into court were Dss presented their case against only me! To hear what I was being accussed of destroyed me and to have to live with this reputation as a child abuser when I knew that my babies meant absolutely everything to me was more than I could bear on top of the fact that my kids had already been gone from my side for a week at this point. I got up and walked out of court. Later to find out that charges where brought against me and my rights as a parent revoked but yet my husband could go see and be around our children and didn’t recieve any charges pending after failing a drug screen! I attempted to commit suicide. \My kids are my everything and I don’t exist if not to be there momma. I gave up hope and did not care to live anymore. I took 32 gelcap sleeping pills and collapsed in my attorney at the times parking lot where I was later discovered by his secretary. I really didnt care if I lived or died but at that point I had hoped to die. I spent two months in the hospital fighting to live day by day. My husband would talk to me on the phone and everything seemed to be agreed upon between him and my self. Well, I kept insisting on a retest to be done on my son because I knew that something had went wrong during the first testing because I knew that I had never had my children around any drugs. My husband kept retesting and repeatively failing every single time. Then finally he past. At this point neither of us are supposed to be around our children alone or over night. However my youngest son was living with his father at his sisters house and Dss was recommending that my son stay with his father at his sisters house.I researched what kind of environment my child would be in if this was allowed and I am truely confused. Not even a month prior to my husband and child moving in there his sisters husband according to police documents had beaten on his wife and her thirteen year old daughter then proceeded to slit his wrist and take pills trying to commit suicide in front of the thirteen year old and the two year old little girl after throwing a kitchen table at both of them. His sisters husband was removed from the home but she allowed her oldest daughter to go live with her grand mother and she let him come back. Several very violent reports follow this one. Dss did not get involved at all with this case but felt that I was an eminent danger to be around my kids but that my kids were safe in this environment. I got out of the hospital and returned home where my husband proceeds to call the police and tell them he is terrified even despite the facts that this man had been out of work more than he actually went because he would beat me so bad that he would end up hurting himself. He then proceeds to get a court ordered of protection against me in which I had dropped after police had made him return my child to me earlier that year. My husband made sure I went and dropped it by calling his attorney and getting him to call and make sure it was done. However I had not dropped it so he forced me with my arm in his hand to do it the next day. A year later he gets one on me. In this order of protection against me my husband was granted a restraining order which would in turn keep me from seeing my child too and he is granted the house, the vehicles, and everything within thirty days! I was suddenly homeless and had nothing to my name after just loosing my babies too. I am later told that the charges had been dropped on me because the readministered test proved that the first was a defective test and my son had not in fact failed a drug test. Well, Dss has already been before the judge to take my custodial rights at this point but there was absolutely no reversal in the court orders even inlight of this new evidence. This was not the first time dss lied to a judge to get what they wanted from me. The first time was right before all this started to happen. They went to a judge and told the judge that I had failed a drug test that I to this day still have not taken and they still to this day can not produce any evidence proving that I had failed or even taken a drug test. I have taken several test for dss that were passing but none of them can be found. However after telling the judge that I failed my test they also say that it is rumored that I am running a meth lab out of my house. The judge ordered a search warrant for my home and to test my children and myself in which we all past. I was not home at the time of this search warrants execution but my husband was. I never recieved a copy of the search warrant and neither did he until I went to the county court house and retrieved one. I have on numerous accounts asked dss questions concerning my case and they repeatively tell me I need an attorney to look at my case file or for them to have to answer any questions. Several of the people working for dss have even said that they dont understand why things were being allowed to happen the way they were happening including my own case worker. It is going on almost eight months and I havent heard any thing from dss regarding my children or what is going on in my case. My husband has been given back my children but I still can not be around them unsupervised and my aunt still has custody of my oldest son and my youngest son now is living with my husband. I have only seen my baby one time in the last six months. I am not allowed to talk to him nor see him at all. I dont get visits at all with my children and it is as if I have been completely for gotten in my own childrens lives. I have since all this obtained an apartment and I attend drug rehab on a regular basis. I am attending online classes to become an attorney some day but I dont know who my children are or where they are. They call other women momma and the issue is thrown in my face as a reminder that I dont exist to them every time one of them ask me if I am their momma. Someone if you are reading this please help me! I am on the verge of stepping off the edge again. I cant keep going without seeing and being with my children much longer or I am afraid that I am eventually going to try something again and maybe this time it will work leaving us no chance of a reunite.


  16. Crystal Dawn Jonda

    August 31, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    I mean this in the manner that we will be forgotten and noone will see the pain we are all going through because it will all be covered up and forgotten and no longer spoke of. I am loosing hope that I will ever see my children again even though all this case is a lie!!!


  17. Jennifer J

    September 17, 2013 at 9:15 am

    this is nothing new from CPS regardless what sate its in they all do this!! Im a single mom of two in Kansas who had my children taken from me bye CPS/SRS for calling the homeless hotline asking for help with shelter for my children and my self… my children was not taken from me for beating them they was not taken from me for neglect or any pending charges. BUT FOR ASKING FOR HELP WITH SHELTER….. THE SYSTEM IS REALLY MESSED UP AND NEEDS HELP


  18. tabitha smith

    February 5, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    the cps took mine and my husbands son in 2006 when he was first born and then a year later they took our daughter in 2008 when she was born they toook our rights and said we was mentally handicapped and couldnt care for them. and still cant see them they adopted them to the people who was foster parents to them that they placed them with. and no one will help. they went as far as saying we needed help with caring for the kids.n this system is really messed up.


  19. erin darby

    December 4, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    My 8 year old daughter has been sexually abused by her father and paternal grandfather from the age of 2 to my knowledge. Counselors er doctors teachers friends and family were all aware. Her father married a cps worker and my daughter was removed from my home and ripped out of my arms I was thrown in jail for 30 days the day before our custody hearing. Custody was given to her abusive father. I was also contacted by fbi threatening a lawsuit



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